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I left my heart in Biashara Street

From Fort Jesus and Old Town right up through to
Mtwapa AND ON UP to VIpingo Ridge it Is a place of
immensely interesting contrasts


Coastweek -- Lets get this straight, Mombasa still beats Nairobi hands down.

No 'ifs', no 'buts'.

We are talking about a contest between two great giants, but Mombasa is, well its Mombasa.

From Fort Jesus and Old Town right up through Mtwapa to Vipingo Ridge, its a place of immensely interesting contrasts.

When I told my friend Andy I was planning a trip to Mombasa he strongly advised against it.

Andy, originally from Eldoret and now in Nairobi, reckons that Mombasans do nothing but spend their days sitting around drinking tea.

Maybe he has a point.

The Mombasans do know how to have a good time and my weekend involved:

a house party, a safari-tent party, swimming, and not one but two curries one at the Mombasa Club at Fort Jesus and one at Vipingo Ridge.

Soon, Vipingo Ridge will be a full-yet-tranquil haven as more and more people snap up plots.

But for now I like its slightly eery quietness.

It is certainly a change from the hectic and bustling centre of town.

My spiritual home is slap bang in the middle of Mombasa Biashara Street.

Coastweek -- My spiritual home remains along busy Biashara Street, Mombasa.

On one trip alone I bought a whole service of yellow and green glass plates, tin mugs in burnt orange, four different types of kangas, and got a dress made.

(I recognise I may need to wear sunglasses every time I have a dinner party with this kit.)

My only problem now is how to get it all, with the legendary Mombasa Trunk, back up to Nairobi.

Coastweek -- Legendary Mombasa Trunk.




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