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Coastweek -- A lone giraffe strolls across the sunlit savannah of Nairobi National Park with the dramatic city skyline shimmering in the near distance. PHOTO - COURTESY: WIKIPEDIA


The 'Arboretum' is a great
place for jogging in Nairobi

On balmy evenings couples stroll around arm in arm
Ė it's a 'work out circuit' for lovers and dreamers ...


Coastweek -- Having moved into my new apartment in Westlands, Iíve been checking out the area. Iíve found a couple of great places to jog.

One is the Arboretum, a beautiful wooded area just down the road.

As I run through the tracks, I pass groups of people sitting in circles Ė I think most of them are in church groups and bible classes.

Another great place is Jaffery Sports Club where there is a proper running track.

On balmy evenings couples stroll around it arm in arm Ė itís a work out circuit for lovers and dreamers. A few foolish people actually use the running track to actually run on and, as I run, I am lapped four times by a young Kenyan man.

He runs as though itís no effort at all, passing the runners and the couples, and he does it all in slippers.



Three cheers to the traffic
cop beaten by the odds

Coastweek -- My friend and I witnessed the very definition of impotence while driving from NBO to Westlands, when we got caught up in one of Nairobiís infamous traffic snarl ups.

In the middle of the roundabout ahead of us stood a traffic cop in his smart clean uniform.

He pointed, he waved.

He stuck his arms out.

I think he even blew a whistle.

But the shiny uniform and the shrill whistle were no cover for his demeanour.

He couldnít help it but he gave off a signal, and this signal said:

ĎIím standing in the middle of the craziest traffic in central Nairobi. Please somebody help meí.

He might as well have been wearing a large placard saying Ďrun me over now!í.

In the merciless Nairobi traffic, this poor man didnít stand a chance.

The drivers hooted, maneuvered and generally ignored him.

As one impatient driver almost bumped into him, the man jumped out of the way with an expression of wounded disappointment; how could his fellow man treat him so abominably?

This was a traffic cop with the sensibility of a poet.

As the cars pushed and shoved, our hero (pointing, waving and whistling) became just another obstacle to be driven around.

But though completely routed, our hero did not desert his post - a great example of an admirable, if futile, valiance.


Coastweek -- View from our suburb: still a green 'City in The Sun'. PHOTO - COURTESY: WIKIPEDIA


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