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LIMURU - Sublime thoughts: farm fresh early morning 'chai' before


Yoga, Pink Gin[s] and laughs ...

Holed up at a friend's house in
Westlands Nairobi

Kenya certainly knows how to spin you
around: I am looking forward to seeing
what dances Nairobi will take me on


Coastweek -- Nairobi, very early in the morning: Iím back in Kenya, and boy does it feel good.

I got off the LHR-NBO plane yesterday at 7.50 a.m. and my first task was to go to the wonderful Nakumatt and pick up provisions.

This time Iím staying in Nairobi, holing up at a friendís house in Westlands while she works in London.

Packing to come here, I came across one of my old shopping lists from when my friend Jane and I set up in Mtwapa two months ago:

Mozzy net
Clothes powder
Cleaning cloths
Wire wool
Gas for stove and
Breakfast stuff

Anything that we didnít eat from that list is now in a lovely hand beaten metal trunk at our friendís house in Mombasa.

Mtwapa times were brilliant Ė from the impromptu fish barbeque at the cottage following a day of rock oyster catching, to eating out at Little Chef, to a carefree and fly road trip to Shimoni, there are so many wonderful memories to choose from.

Kenya certainly knows how to spin you around.

I am looking forward to seeing what dances Nairobi will take me on.

Fresh off the plane yesterday Iíve spent my time fitting in a yoga class and catching up with friends.

Yoga, pink gin and laughs Ė the perfect combination for getting rid of plane-ache.

Plans so far include meeting up with some friends who work as journalists for the United Nations information network.

In London I was given membership of the Royal Commonwealth Society, so I also hope to check out their reciprocating clubs here, Nairobi Club and the East Africa Aeroclub (though I might have to brush up on my engineering plane chat for the last one).

Today is a day for work work work.

I donít think I came to Kenya just to fill in my tax return, but with my paperwork taking up most of my baggage, at the moment it does seem that way.

I am also going to follow up a couple of leads for apartment rentals Ė one a beautiful little cottage in Kitisuru, and the other an apartment in the compound where Iím presently staying with the most stunning polished floors Iíve ever seen in my life.

There is also the possibility of a 'guest room' on a tea estate outside Limuru.

Sublime thoughts: Tea for two, farm fresh early morning 'chai' before breakfast.

Hello Nairobi, low curtsy, may I have this dance?


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