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Hunters Steak House  Mkomani, Mombasa

Coastweek - - The Hunters Bar in Ambalal house had long been a famous landmark on the Mombasa gourmet’s map, writes NOSHER.

Now nestled in the heart of Mkomani, Heinz Riegger has opened Hunters Steak House for lunch and evening dining - closed on Tuesdays.

The restaurant has a rather attractive Mediterranean style with a bar and tables arranged around a well-manicured court-yard and a very spacious air conditioned seating area inside.

The menu is large and appealing and whilst being a delight to the committed carnivore, also amply caters for lovers of seafood.

Coastweek - - 'Mein Host'
Heinz Riegger at his new
'Hunters Steak House'.

Our party of four enjoyed Howard Hughes-like exclusivity in having the restaurant to ourselves for much of the evening, which was a great shame as the food was superb. 

We started with beef carpacchio, rich French onion soup, mushrooms in a creamy sauce on toast and asparagus spears with a salad.

The first three were all declared to be excellent whilst the asparagus spears scored nil point when it became evident they were out of a tin.



Unforgivable ! For the main course, none of us could resist the famous Hunters beef.

At a time when Europe is in the grip of all kinds of meat related paranoia it is a joy to be able to tuck into a really good steak.

Two of us shared a chateaubriand with a mushroom sauce garnish, which was pre-pared to perfection and melted in the mouth. Our guests variously tried the massive T-bone and the smaller filet.

All lip smackingly good and accompanied by crisp French fries and a better than average dressed mixed salad.

All this was washed down with a reasonably priced Chilean Red from a good wine list and rounded off with coffee and cassata for all.

This is a great new restaurant, which deserves your support.

Dinner for four with two bottles of wine and pre-dinner drinks cost a shade under Shs. 2000 per head.

Go there now, make some noise and create an atmosphere !

Incidentally as a bit of a connoisseur of “restrooms” I can say that Hunters Steak House in Mkomani has five star facilities. Go see !






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