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Coastweek - - THE EVER smiling Caroline Amisi and Meggie
Jumamosi  (right) will serve you with the exotic ice cream
tastes at Yuls. They display a specially created sundae.


classy menu has loads of new tasty dishes

Coastweek - - GOOD NEWS for all those who love to have a good time with quality service - Yuls is open again after his annual break, but this time with a huge difference.

After more than a decade of satisfying service Yul has decided to thank his loyal and new clients in a befitting manner, writes ANJUM ASODIA.

The new look Yul's Aquadrom has been totally refurbished, from it's biggest freezers right down to their crockery and cutlery.

Not only that, but a spanking new, classy menu has loads of new tasty dishes together with the delicious old ones, but the warm, friendly and efficient service is still the same.

When you go to Yul's be it to have a full meal, try out their ice creams, or just have a drink and laze around the Banana Bar or then try out the varied water sports, the atmosphere is so relaxed and friendly that you feel completely at home.

You can spend hours at the new tables and and comfortable new chairs without realising where the time went !

Head waiter Sudi and his team will go all out to give you fast, friendly service with a smile.

The new menu includes meals specifically made for vegetarians such as Home Made Cream Cheese Dip with carrot sticks for cold starters and Mushroom in Dill sauce in warm starters.

In addition to the wonderfully fresh salads that Yul served, he has added an excellent Greek Salad with Feta cheese, cucumbers, onions, olives, capsicum (not just the local green variety, but the imported colourful ones) and a liberal dash of olive oil dressing.

For the main courses, the boneless chicken tikka is as delicious and tender as ever, while the Maxim Fillet Steak, Steak Tournedos a la Chef Wiener Schnitzel will be accompanied by chips, rice, baked potato, croquettes or mashed potato and an individual salad.

Vegetarians can sink their teeth into a veg burger smothered in cheese.

There is an abundance in the choice of seafood and some finger licking specialities are Fresh grilled Lobster, Fried prawns in sweet and sour sauce, Hot prawns Masala (original Indian style), Calamari Fritti with curry rice,fried fish, fish masala, while for the weight watchers Baked fish or poached fish fillets in White wine sauce.

Italian pasta come in real Italian style helpings, eat until you burst.

You can have spaghetti, Tagliatelle, Fusili or Penne Rigate in tomato sauce and basil or Aglio e Olio (garlic and olive oil), Cannelloni filled with spinach sauce or All'Arabiata (Olives, capers, chillies and tomatoes) for the vegetarians.

The carnivores can whet their palates with a Matriciana (tomato, cream, bacon and herbs), Bolognese (mincemeat) or Carbonara (Bacon and cream).

Pizzas at Yul's come in twelve varieties, among them are the new additions Garlic a la Richardson (tomatoes, garlic, basil, olive oil and herbs), Namenlos (Mozarella, tomatoes, mushroom, cream), Calzone - a closed pizza with mozarella, tomatoes, ham, onion, sweet pepper, mushroom, and salami.

You can also choose your own toppings and make your own personal pizza.

But be warned - one of those humengous Yul's pizza will go a long, long way.

One can also order a Foccacia (pizza bread with olive oil and herbs) to nibble away your time.

All of Yul's food is prepared in super hygienic conditions.

All dishes are washed in hot and cold water, then sanitised before being dried.

In the kitchen, the meat and poultry, sauces and salads have their own different sections, each separated with a five foot wall.

All foods, including the pastas are prepared fresh on your order (that is why you have to sometimes wait for a while).

Pizzas are prepared in full view of diners, with the based rolled out evenly on a special rolling machine, all the toppings are kept in a specially refrigerated counter, which is controlled by a computer at two degrees, to ensure freshness at all times.

There is just no way any bacteria can find their way in this place.

The piece de resistance for Yul, however is his ice cream section.

Yul has invested heavily in this area, buying his own ice cream making machine (the best in Italy I am told).

In his specially built air conditioned room just for the manufacture of his ice cream, the milk is pasteurised then added to the real fruit puree (also brought in from Italy) in an ice cream making machine.

When the ice cream is ready, it is poured into a stainless steel container which has been washed in UV filtered water, cleaned with a clean paper towel (not a cloth towel which is usually re-used, thus harbouring millions of bacteria) and kept at freeze temperature for an hour.

All the ice creams are made fresh daily by Yul himself, who was trained for the last few months by an Italian ice cream expert from Rimini, Gianluca Mondardini, also known as 'Profesore de Gelato'.

Yul can make a total of 30 delicious ice creams, but at any one time, he only sells 16.

You will never find ice cream kept in his freezer overnight.

Some of his mind boggling flavours which I have personally tried and can vouch for areStrawberry, Hazelnut, Stracciatella, Isabelle's Cookies, dolce Latte, Tiramisu, Cherry Variegato, Lemon, Pistacchio, Kiwi, Blackcurrant, Peach and my personal favourite Ace (orange, carrot and lemon).

Every kind of deliciously rich taste that suits everyone's taste buds.

Kiddies are not left out either, then can have their choice of flavours in the shape of Pinocchio or Mickey Mouse, complete with big nose and ears.

Sundaes at Yul's are a truly a work of art, each dish coming in a specially selected vessel - try the Banana Boat and you will see what I mean !

Now that the food is taken care of, relax at the Banana Bar with some of their cocktails will see you through a major part of an afternoon.

Have you ever been to Yul's on a full moon night ?

You don't know what you are missing - next full moon night make sure you are there, even if it is just to join some friends for a drink at the Banana Bar.

What to do with kids on a Sunday - they are always bored bored and bored.

Take them to Yul's where they will not only have a delicious meal but they can have the ride of their life on the brand new three seater jet skis.

In addition to the five old 75 hp skis, Yul has purchased four new 95 hp ones.

For the very young ones (and the young at heart) have a rollicking time on the banana boat, or in the very safe three seater turbo tubes, which are towed by a jet ski at a safe yet enjoyable speed.

While at Yul's have a peek at the Escape Boutique where you will find many imported fashions from Italy and Germany.

If the ready mades are not to your liking, you can have made to measure outfits exactly to your specifications.

You think all this is too much - not yet, there is more for you.





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