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Nando's Fast Food [Mobil Petrol Station, Nyali Lights]

Coastweek - - I have a slight confession, writes NOSHER.

I had real doubts that we would ever see the words "fast food" and "Mombasa" appearing in the same sentence. As our upcountry friends never tire of telling us, the pace of life is ... well, slow at the Coast and like the notion of "jumbo shrimp" and "military intelligence" the idea of fast food on the Coast has just the whiff of mutual exclusivity.

But I was wrong. True, it took longer to build Nando's than Hadrian's Wall and it is slightly difficult to get in and out of but it was worth the wait.

We went there on a Saturday morning after the Nyali Cinemax matinee with four children eager to give it a whirl.

The choice is extensive but falls into three broad categories of grilled chicken, pizza, burgers and fried chicken with ice cream for puds.

The marketing guys really extended themselves in coming up with the names: Chicken Inn, Creamy Inn and Pizza Inn for the three sections.

In fact with four children and two adults it took slightly longer to actually decide what to eat than to prepare and deliver it.

The children customized their pizzas and chose the Hocus Pocus. For the more particular amongst them this meant conversations along the following lines:

"I'll have the Hocus Pocus with everything except, green peppers, green olives, salami and tomatoes",

"So you just want the pizza base then?"

"Oh. No, I'll have it with ham and pineapple, but no black olives and just a few onions".

"Daddy, what's the difference between green olives and black olives"?

"The colour and the spelling".

Times four.

All the children's meals come with a small carton of juice and a nasty plastic toy that you just know will hang around the house until it breaks or until the dog eats it.

However I'm sure the children didn't think so.

Us grown-ups went respectively for the fried chicken and chips, which was excellent and a marvellous treat for the arteries, and the grilled chicken breast in pitta bread, a more health conscious choice.

There are also good vegetarian options on the pizza menu for those not carnivorously inclined.

Our young food tasters were all in agreement that the whole thing was very good.

They made ample use of the spotless loos and the wash hand basin in the restaurant itself, but didn't find time to get really hot and bothered on the bouncy castle outside.

The young Nando's staff is all clued up and friendly and on subsequent lunch time visits I have noticed that people from town offices are making the quick dash to Nando's as an option to the eateries of downtown.

My word !

What with real fast food and a brand new cinema Mombasa really is shining itself up.

Be there or be square.






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