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Coastweek - - Many years ago I dined at Le Pichet, indeed it was in the dying days of the restaurant and sadly it could offer virtually nothing on the menu since I believe the 'Receiver' was waiting in the wings like the Grim Reaper, writes NOSHER.

In the intervening years the site of Le Pichet has remained idle but back in November it came to life again when La Veranda was born.

Of course much has changed.

La Veranda can boast extensive views of the back end of the Nyali Nakumatt, but more importantly it has been re-vitalized as an Italian, bar, restaurant and pizzeria.

We took some little 'Nosherettes' for an early dinner a few weeks ago and we were greeted by the delicious wood smoke smell from the pizza oven on the eponymous veranda.

Children make the best restaurant critics in my book: they care not a jot for the wine list, the ambience (or "ambulance" as my children will have it), the prices or the décor.

But they are discerning when it comes to the speed of service and the quality of the chips or pizza.

The babes went for a "Tonno" and a "Prosciutto" pizza respectively and then toddled off to watch them being made whilst Mrs. N and I chose starters.

Half a cannelloni for my Only One and a delicious prawn and crab meat mix for me in a subtle tomato and mayonnaise based sauce.

I think this was called "Mare Calno" but whatever the spelling try this dish: it was excellent.

There was a slight kerfuffle about the size of the cannelloni portion, but our very attentive waiter dealt this with very well.

However Mrs. N thought the end product a little on the bland side.

There is a very good selection of mostly but not exclusively Italian wines and we went for the Refosco.

This went down very well with my mixed grill main course (great chips, by the way) and the Portafolli Manzo (fillet beef filled with cheese to you and me) enjoyed by my wife.

The pizzas were deemed to be "The Business" by the small people, beautifully thin crust and tasty with it.

The word that kept popping into my head throughout the meal was "authentic".

La Veranda really has the feel of an Italian bistro and were it not for the view of the white hulk of Mombasa’s largest supermarket one could almost imagine oneself sitting in the Tuscan countryside.

We rounded off the evening with a wonderful chocolate mousse, which proved to be rather too rich for the children, but went down a storm with your food correspondent and given the "Italianness" of it all I felt I couldn’t really let the evening end without at least one grappa. Marvellous.

Not a cheap meal at just over K. Shs. 5,000/= for four of us, but good quality and service.

So jump on your Vespa, put your shades on your forehead and say "Ciao" to La Veranda.







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