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The tastes just explode on the palate

Coastweek - - Save the Best till Last:

"Nosher" people say, "Nosher, why is it you haven't reviewed the Tamarind restaurant" ?

Well I reply, the Tamarind speaks for itself, writes NOSHER.

It has the best location, the finest food and the most professional service of any restaurant on the Coast.

Unless you've spent your life living under a large stone you must have been there and it's likely you'll have your favourite Tamarind dish and your favourite Tamarind moment.

It's the place you go when you want to celebrate, to entertain or just to have a special meal.

So what can I add other than to list my personal favourites ?

Well since you asked:

Sashimi, calamari maridadi, seared peppercorn tuna (utterly sublime), chilli crab on the shell (you haven't properly enjoyed this unless you finish covered in sauce and with minor lacerations from ripping the shell apart), the snapper with prawns and Harissa sauce, and of course the spring chicken or ndogo ndogo.

But then I was moved to put P to P after a most recent Tamarind experience.

Whilst I expect most of you think of the Tamarind as a place to go for dinner, I urge you, I even implore you to cancel all appointments on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, lock up the golf clubs, dispatch the children and take your loved one or even your spouse to lunch at the Tamarind.

I will even tell you what to eat: chose the mixed seafood platter for two and let the Tamarind take over.

Have a bottle of chilled house white wine and sit back and relax.

In these cooler summer months let the breeze play on you as you watch the sun sparkle on the creek and then delve first into the cold platter: some oysters, prawns, a little crab, some calamari.

You name it and it's there with a choice of three dips to compliment the fabulous selection.

Allow a little breathing space, quaff another glass of wine and then feast yourself on the hot platter: deep fried crab claws, lobster, prawns, filleted snapper.

And the tastes oh !

The tastes just explode on the palate.

This is seafood as it is meant to be experienced and it is quite quite wonderful.

Then allow yourself to be persuaded to choose a dessert.

I completely broke with tradition (a light sorbet) and went for the crème brulee (now thank goodness restored to the menu after a period of conspicuous absence), whilst Mrs. Nosher rounded things off with a coupe bahari casting both caution and calories to the wind.

Would that we were slightly younger and could have managed a boozy coffee but sense prevailed and we ultimately tottered home for a snooze after one of the most enjoyable meals I can remember.

Hugh Walters and his excellent team have got it just right at the Tamarind, which incidentally has some of the most interesting toilets !

Go there and see for yourselves.

Finally, alas, this is Nosher's last article written from another country in another continent.

And as I contemplate deep fried pizza, black pudding and haggis I will relish the memory of our last lunch at the Tamarind.






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