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more than a snack bar and cafeteria

Coastweek - - FOR ALL of you out there who thought that Rozina House Restaurant was a snack bar and cafeteria - well think again, writes ANJUM ASODIA.

Rozina, is a fully fledged Restaurant with an extended menu, dishes ranging from the East to the West.

Rozina, which opens early for breakfast and does not close till it's last clientele has had their fill of dinner, is actually two restaurants in one.

The front, which has big open windows and a very welcoming open door which almost speaks to you as if to say "please come in", is where you can have an economy lunch, worth every penny.

From the eggs, sausage, tea and coffee breakfast you can work your way down the menu through their snacks (kebabs, samosas, meat pie and cheese pie), delicious burgers (beef, chicken, fish and vegetable, with even the exotic Hawain Burger for those who want to try it all), into their rolls, sandwiches, stews, steaks, pastas and evening barbecue.

The second section of the restaurant, which you enter through another door, is the air conditioned portion where a special menu awaits you.

Here you can enjoy an executive lunch with office staff (they even have an eat as much as you want buffet table every day during lunch), bring your entire family to try out the delicacies or even a quiet dinner for two, surrounded by music from the World Space receiver.

The extensive menu here starts off with soups, cold starters (prawn cocktail, chicken salad, macaroni salad) and hot starters (deep fried chicken wings, mushroom on toast, masala corn, garlic chilly oysters).

You can then choose from the chicken dishes (Malaysian, spicy poussin - my personal favourite, Chinese, Black pepper or Kiev) or go on to the Tenderloin fillet made in seven different styles.

Big eaters can sharpen their knives on the T-bone (also available in jumbo size) or the mixed grill.

Burgers and different curries are also served in this section of the restaurant.

Their evening specialities are in a class of their own.

A variety of seafood (fish, prawns, crab, lobster) in different tastes are a sea lovers delight, while the nyama choma fans can have their mishkaki, kebabs, khima chapati and chicken tika freshly prepared on the jiko outside.

While Rozina pride themselves on their excellent burgers, they have been working quietly specialising in their pastas and pizzas which now have a place of their own on their menu.

After your wonderful meal you can enjoy their ice creams, fruit salad, banana fritters or chocolate mousse.

Prices at Rozina are very reasonable, especially after seeing and tasting the high quality of food that is served there and one can truly enjoy a really good meal without having to burn a hole in one's pocket. 

Crab Thermidor served with rice or chips can be bought for only Shs. 500/= while a chicken burger in the open restaurant is sold for only Shs. 80/=, pricing Shs. 180/= (with chips) in the air conditioned venue.

Everything about Rozina is very warm and welcoming, right from the entrance where a doorman is constantly on standby ready to usher you into the Restaurant.

Rozina is run by an energetic and dynamic team who will personally take your order and guide you through the menu if you have difficulty in deciding.

They are also very flexible with their food and can make subtle changes to suit your palette and needs. Taking every client into consideration, they will even bake or boil a potato for the weight conscious.

Rozina's friendly waiters are well trained and will not hover around you but keep their discreet distance to be at your side the minute you beckon them.

During this holiday season make a date with Rozina and you will not regret it.





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