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Sheikh Idha Islam Magram Was
Prominent Mombasa Butcher

He was one of the founders of Munnawar School

Coastweek -- Several thousand mourners, from various parts of the Coast converged into Memon Mosque for conducting funeral prayers for Sheikh Idha Islam Magram.

The late Idha was a distinguished epitome of a good Muslim – a remarkable philanthropist who enormously and benevolently contributed to Islamic welfare projects, orphanages and educational institutes.

He was one of the founders of Munnawar School which today has set a good example of a Muslim educational institute at the Coast, whose cardinal principle is that of the Prophet Muhammad’s wisdom:

“My Lord brought me up with excellent, exemplary good behaviour and decorous manners.”

He was a renowned butcher, at the Coast, whose butchery has been very famous for strictly maintaining excellent, well kept fresh meats; in accordance with Islamic strictly required tenets.

Coastweek -- Prominent Mombasa Butcher Sheikh Idha Islam Magram

His children are an impeccable replica of their parent’s characteristics.

He actually bequeathed to them not only his business acumen but his precious repute as a strictly honest, sincere and a thorough Muslim gentleman whose mode of living  reflects Prophet Muhammad’s sayings; such as ‘Be expeditious in performing a good deed.

Before undertaking any action; seriously consider its consequence, if its results would be good do it but if its consequences are bad; keep yourself far away from it.

He is survived by four sons, nine daughters and three widows – the sons are Amin, Faisal, Ahmed and Swaleh.

This is to express our deep condolences to them all and may Almighty Allah rest his soul in Paradise – Ameen.




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