September 17 - 23, 2010


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Sad Demise Of Tourism
Doctor A. S. Buran

heartfelt condolences to the family

Coastweek -- We recently lost a dear friend to many in the hospitality industry in the north coast.

Dr Buran was known by many who frequent the various classified tourist hotels.

The late Dr Buran served the hotel industry and tourism fraternity for over 20 years with dedication both by physically visiting the hotels and at his clinic located at the new Nyali Nakumatt complex having shifted from Shanzu.

I am very sure many international travelers reading this will be saddened to know about his sudden death.

He has saved many a lives during his tenure as the hotels doctors of choice to many hotels including my resort.

He has responded to many emergencies and in many occasions his swift response and correct diagnosis have helped many visitors.

Many tourists both domestic and international will testify that calls to him even at late hours would be answered and before you realize he is with you and if the case was serious he would request that the patient is sent direct to the hospital while he heads there to prepare for admission.

He will be missed by many, and on behalf of the hospitality industry I would like to convey our heartfelt condolences to the family.

Join me to pray for his soul to rest in eternal peace. Inna Lilahi wa Inna Ilaihi Rajioun, to him well return. May Allah grant Jannah to our beloved departed friend.

Mohammed Hersi, Vice Chairman, Mombasa
and Coast Tourism Association, Mombasa.



Charming Always Smiling Daktari

condolences to his wife, children and family

Coastweek -- The late Doctor Burhan was a charming, always smiling, 'daktari'.

He will be missed by many. My condolences to his wife, children and family.

Qaizaar Januwalla, Mombasa.






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