February 10 - 16, 1995


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Satish Tulsidas Kotecha

revived the Old Allidinian Association MOMBASA

Coastweek -- Satish Tulsidas Kotecha is no more with us.

We have lost someone who was much more than a friend, he was kind, gentle and warm hearted.

He was always there anytime of day or night for friends in need or trouble.

Satish Kotecha was born on July 5 1960 in Mombasa. He was very popular and well known person with students and teachers during his primary and secondary school.

He pursued his further studies in Nairobi, at Kenya Polytechnic from 1969-71 doing a course of Accountancy.

He was a member of Mombasa Jaycees in late seventies and had received an award as a Best Jaycee in 1982.

Coastweek -- Satish Tulsidas Kotecha

He was a silent social worker and helped in quite a few charitable organizations.

In 1987 he revived the Old Allidinian Association and made a lot of effort to recruit new members as well as contacting the old members and involving them in the activities of the Association.

Under his Chairmanship a block of library was built at the school.

The school was given a new coat of paint and some renovations were done.

He was a very jolly person always smiling and joking with the young and old irrespective of colour or creed.

He will be missed by all who have been in contact with him at one time or another during his short but colourful life.

His untimely demise on January 14, 1995 left us all astounded.

May his soul rests in eternal peace.






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