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Abdallah Said Zubedi - prominent
businessman and philanthropist


Coastweek -- Prominent Coast philanthropist and Mombasa businessman Abdallah Said Zubedi has died while on a visit to Sanaa, Yemen, writes FARAJ DUMILA.

Over many years he spent much of his considerable fortune in promoting Kenyan welfare institutions and helping poor students to pay their school fees.

Since his school days Abdallah was noted for his generous character, always helpful and active involvement, and possessing very positive leadership qualities.

He was educated at the Mombasa Arab Boys Primary and Arab Secondary Schools and was a leading Arab Boy Scout.

It was his ‘Madrassatul’ teacher Sheikh Salmin who founded the Arab Scout troop and appointed him its leader and he remained so throughout his life as its active patron.

He was nationally famous for his sponsoring the ‘Round Table’ Voice of Kenya television opera for fund raising in supporting welfare institutions and poor children.

The slot used to collect donated goods – such as television sets, radios, refrigerators - and auction them and the money collected would be distributed to some welfare institutions for poor by the Mombasa Lions and Rotary Clubs.

Coastweek -- Mombasa
businessman and
philanthropist Abdallah
Said Zubedi

Abdallah was recognized as a highly respected Coast Arab leader who served not only his community but the entire Coast population with great energy and enthusiasm.

He established a profitable firm exporting coffee and tea to the Arab Gulf – his company was known as Mwangi Coffee Ltd.

As a young man Abdallah was a prolific correspondent to the Mombasa Times ‘Letters to Editor’ section, vehemently fighting for the Arab community rights.

Among his well known close friends included the former Deputy Governor of Central Bank, Sheikh Ahmed Abdalla, the Ship chandlers Sheikh Mohamed N. Muses and Sheikh Mohamed Gharib of Formax Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Ahmed Abdalla described him as a reliable, honest businessman, hard working and deeply dedicated to welfare activities.

Mohamed N. Muses on hearing of his friend’s death quoted a Holy Qur’an verse:

"A soul does not know what is in store for him tomorrow neither does it know in which land to die.’

Several hundred of his acquaintances were deeply sad for not being able to pay their last respect due to the fact that Abdallah’s funeral rites were held at Sanaa.

They submitted their condolences to his widow and seven grown up offspring Said, Moha, Omar and four daughters.

May Almighty Allah rest his soul in Paradise, ameen.


Abdallah S. Zubedi was a
good friend of Lions Club

he believed in helping the needy ...
and he followed what he preached

Coastweek -- It is with utmost regret to learn of passing away of one of the top philanthropists of this country.

Late Mr. Abdallah S. Zubedi was a good friend of our lions club and had high regards for charity for the needy.

A very pleasant personality and of helpful nature.

He was one of those good people who believed in helping the needy and he did follow what he preached.

We surely are going to miss him and his always friendly cheerful smile.

May almighty rest his soul in eternal peace - Amen.

Lion N.D. Rawal, Hon. Secretary, Lions Club Of Mombasa Central.




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