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Celebration of Life

Coastweek - - Celebration of Life: "Tell the Archbishop to take care of the Diocese."

These are the some of the last words that Fr. Barron uttered before his death.

He was speaking to Fr. Joachim Minja when he asked to be anointed while on his bed at the Nyumba ya Wazee, Tudor.

Fr. Minja shared to the congregation about Fr. Barron's last conversation on earth, during his burial on 1st August, 2008.

"Tell Fr. Yaa that he is a good boy, and tell the Archbishop to take care of the diocese.

"Thank the people of Mombasa for allowing me to stay here."

Moments after sharing thus to Fr. Minja, Fr. Barron passed on, while receiving Holy Communion and anointing.

Coastweek - - Fr. Thomas Joseph Barron.

Fr. Thomas Barron, 77 years old, was born on 14th November 1931 at Waterford, Ireland.

He professed his vows on 8th September 1952 and thus joined the congregation of the Holy Ghost Fathers. He was ordained 10th July, 1960 (48 years ordained).

He arrived in the Diocese of Mombasa in 1962, and worked in the Diocesan Administration as a Procurator and as Secretary to the then Bishop, Eugene Butler.

During 1973-1988, he was the Vicar General of the Diocese and took care of Utange.

He worked at Shanzu Parish where he built the church, convent and Fathers house in 1979. In 1984 he was at the Holy Ghost Cathedral and in 1989 he was at Mikindani.

He was responsible for the New Diocesan Secretariat, Shanzu Parish and Mwakirunge.

In his homily, Fr. Sean Mc-Govern, the Superior of the Spiritans spoke of his confrere, Thomas, as a brave, courageous and patient man, even when he took ill. He added that Fr. Barron surely fought a brave fight and finished the race.

The Cathedral was packed to capacity, with parishioners coming to pay their last respects to Fr. Barron.

After the Mass, there was a procession heading to the grave site, priests, sisters, religious and laity following suit despite heavy rains.

Fr. Thomas Barron, in his old age, went to stay at the Nyumba ya Wazee, Tudor, which is managed by the Little Sisters of the Poor. He passed away on 25th July, 2008.

May the Lord rest his soul in eternal peace.

Bertina Kanaka, Editor 'Habari Yetu', Lwanga, Mombasa.





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