August 15 - 21, 2008


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Muslim Association of Mombasa
mourning Dr. Bilqis Hassan


Coastweek - - Dr. Bilqis Hassan, brave and devoted wife of a brave and devoted husband, died peacefully on Friday 18th July 2008 at the age of 85 years.

Besides her full time job as a busy medical practitioner, she has been a great social worker.

Dr. Bilqis Hassan was born in Punjab Province of Pakistan, qualified as a Doctor of Medicine in 1954.

Same year she married Professional Hunter Syed Ikram-ul-Hassan, son of prominent Provincial Veterinarian, the post held by first Asian Veterinarian doctor during the British era.

After her marriage she moved to Mombasa with her husband and established her own medical practice.

She was a friendly, gentle and generous person who treated her patients with care, love and in many cases on humanitarian basis.

Coastweek - - Dr. Bilqis Hassan  - 'A Legend In Her Lifetime'.

Dr. Bilqis Hassan was a committed member of the Muslim Association of Mombasa who strictly adhered to the principle and ethics of the Association.

Both Dr. Bilqis Hassan and her late husband Ikram-ul-Hassan served the Muslim Association of Mombasa with total dedication, loyalty and sincerity.

The driving force that constantly helped and assisted Ikram-ul-Hassan during his chairmanship, in his ceaseless effort to serve the community was none other than his wife.

Dr. Bilqis Hassan in her own right was a philanthropist, a great personality and a highly charitable person.

I have personally known this great couple since my childhood and have always cherished our family relationship with them.

The entire membership of the Muslim Association of Mombasa is grateful for all the work done by Dr. Bilqis Hassan, hand in hand with her late husband and continued to serve the Association and the community with the same spirit and vigour till her death.

The role she played in alleviating the suffering and illness amongst the many Mombasa residents without financial greed speaks for itself.

She was highly respected as prime Muslim lady amongst the membership of the Muslim Association of Mombasa for her dedication, devotion and total loyalty.

Ramzan Sheikh (Alan), my father is a close friend of the Hassan family and has been a great supporter and admirer of both Aunty Bilqis and Uncle Ikram, and because of his experience and involvement in numerous charitable organizations he constantly provided them guidance and advise on matters appertaining to the Muslim Association of Mombasa.

On his return from USA, Ramzan Sheikh, Vice Chairman of the Association, organized a special function "Sham-e-Bilqis," in recognition of the unselfish services rendered to the Association and the community by Dr. Bilqis Hassan, the most senior and most active lady member of the Muslim Association of Mombasa and paid tributes to our legendary figure.

She was such a friendly, kind and humble personality that almost all the communities respected and loved her.

Like her husband, she became a legend in the Muslim Association of Mombasa for her services, contributions and efforts to keep the Association united and to serve humanity.

For many members, the death of Dr. Bilqis Hassan marks the end of an era.

For half a century, she served the community with caring spirit, intense dedication and fraternal excellence will be long remembered and deeply missed.

She is survived by her only son Ali Ishrat, who resides in the United Kingdom, but both Ishrat and his loving wife Nahid devoted their entire life to serve their mother and both inspite of their numerous commitments back in the UK, have been taking turns to be with their Mom, Dr. Bilqis Hassan.

A remarkable gesture of love and respect for their ageing mother.

I suppose a true Islamic upbringing seems to draw their moral inspiration.

A rare commodity in today's world of materialism.

May Allah (SWT) rest her soul in eternal peace.  Ameen.

Shaahid Sheikh, Mombasa.



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