November 16 - 22 , 2007


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Coastweek - - The passing of Mr. Abdulhamid Mohammed Hussein Kaderdina on 4th November 2007 was a great loss to me personally and to the Mombasa community as a whole.

The man I had known and admired for so many years was an epitome of integrity, sincerity and compassion.

He was a man who knew only how to give, but never to take.

I remember my first big Art Exhibition in May 2003 at Memon Villa graciously opened by the then Minister of Sports and Gender, Mr. Najib Balala.

I needed a sponsor, a backer to help launch my career.

I went to see Mr. Abdulhamid Kaderdina or 'Hamid Chacha' as I used to fondly address him.

As I presented my case to him, he sat calmly and I could not help notice his lips moving through out.

Coastweek - -  Abdulhamid
Mohammed Hussein

I soon realized he was reciting and praying all the time.

As I finished, he simply told me he will back me 100 per cent and I had nothing to worry about.

Such was the magnamity of the man. He gave without making you feel indebted; he was embarrassed if you even thanked him for his help.

And I was not the only beneficiary of his kindness. Scores of other needy and destitute benefited from his philanthropy especially the Nasserpuria Memon Jamat.

Upto the time of his demise, he was the Chairman of the Trustee Board of the Jamat.

Mr. Kaderdina succumbed to cancer after a long and a brave fight on 4th November at 1.45 p.m.

Let us pray to the Almighty to grant him the highest abode in Jannat and to give his family the patience to bear such a big loss.

From Allah we come and to Him shall we return.

Zubeir Bakhrani - Artist and Member of Nasserpuria Memon Jamat.




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