March 23 , 2001


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Dr. Shanker D. Karve [O.B.E.]

Apart from HIS flourishing medical practice Dr. S. D. Karve
was very active in the social and political life of Mombasa

Coastweek - - The late Dr. S.D. Karve, was a unique individual with vision and love for humanity and it is only fitting that we give sincere appreciation today for all that he has done for Mombasa's Pandya Memorial Hospital'.

So declared Mr. Maganbhai Nagda when unveiling a pedestal statue of Dr. Karve at this hospital on Sunday morning, March 18, 2001, writes NETA PEAL.

This was immediately followed by Mr. Nagda's wife, Kunden, presenting a cheque for Shs. 500,000/= as a gesture of their 'continued support of the hospital which we love with all our hearts'

In a special tribute to 'my better half, Kunden', Mr. Nagda had said 'she has always been beside me and a great source of encouragement and support'.

Their donation was received with grateful thanks by the Hospital's Chairman, Dr. Kanti Chudasama.

Present at the unveiling ceremony were Trustees of the Pandya Hospital, representatives of the Pandya family, members of the Board of Management and invited guests.

Mr. Nagda, in expressing his profound gratitude for being accorded the honour of unveiling the statue, said 'the late Dr. Karve, who happened to have been my doctor, was not only a great doctor but a gentle, cultured and sophisticated human being.

"I feel privileged to follow in his footsteps and contribute as much as I can to the Pandya Hospital which is rendering great humanitarian services to not only the Mombasa people but also to tourists who benefit immensely from its renal unit.'

Consequently, I hope the management might revive 'and utilise my donation of K. Shs. 500,000/= towards re-opening the Hemraj Bharmal Dental Unit which was offering excellent affordable services to the public.

Its re-opening will surely enhance the image of this hospital'.

As he was unveiling the bust of the late Dr. S.D. Karve, Mr. Nagda had said 'I hope it will be a lasting and continuous reminder to all that life is short but good deeds and services to mankind are everlasting'.

The Chairman of the Pandya Memorial Hospital, Dr. Kanti Chudasama, told guests that 'since its inception 53 years ago the hospital had grown to become one of the most equipped medical institutions with ultra-modern equipment and state-of-the art and therapeutic facilities in Kenya.

It was the Only hospital at the coast with a renal unit, skin and layer centre, a physiotherapy unit and a centrally air-conditioned auditorium where national and international seminars are held.'

He went on to tell guests that a fund-raising walk had taken place from the hospital that morning under the convenorship of Hon. Secretary, Navnit Patel.

Over K. Shs. one million had been raised which will go towards the purchase of modern life saving equipment for the hospital.

He thanked all who had participated.

Recalling that the hospital itself is a memorial to Mr. J.B. Pandya commemorating not only his work and achievements but also his aspirations as a public spirited man whose vision extended beyond the narrow limits of race or religion.

The Hospital Chairman, noted that the founders of Pandya Hospital, led by Dr. S.D. Karve, were so overwhelmed by Mr. Pandya's achievements that they resolved to establish a clinic in Mombasa to cater for Asian and African patients where they could be treated in comfort.

The Hospital Chairman went on 'the foundation stone of the present hospital was laid on February 15, 1950, by His Excellency the Governor of Kenya, Sir Phillip Mitchell, its opening ceremony being performed by the Hon. E.A. Vasey, Member for Education, Health and Local Government on December 15, 1951.'

Giving details of the late Dr. Shanker D. Karve, the Hospital Chairman said 'he was the son of the famous philanthropist, educationist and emancipator of women (especially widows) Dr. D.K. Karve.

He had three very accomplished sons, one being Dr. Madhav Karve whom most of you know.

Apart from a flourishing medical practice Dr. S.D. Karve was very active in the social and political life of Mombasa.

He was the first non-white to be invited to become a Rotarian, while the British Government honoured him with the award of an OBE.'

The Hospital Chairman continued 'as I said earlier, the Pandya Memorial Hospital was the brainchild of Dr. Karve.

He loved the institution unconditionally and gave it his unstinting loyalty, devotion and sterling service from 1948 to 1965 during which he served this hospital as secretary, administrator and doctor.'

Adding 'today's unveiling of Dr. S.D. Karve's statue also represents the fulfilment of a lone cherished dream of the late Count Paroo.

This was that we have contributed to the late Count Paroo's request that when I became Chairman I should try and do something to honour the memory of the late Dr. Karve.

'I also wish to thank all those who have helped in this exercise, including my wife, also Board of Management members in selecting an appropriate site for this pedestal statue of Dr. Karve (which now faces that of the late J.B. Pandya) and in conjunction with the hospital staff in successfully organising the fund-raising walk and the unveiling ceremony.




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