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Coastweek - - Mombasa has lost one of her most famous sons.

Well known 'Kibokoni' (Old Town) personality Mr. K. A. Karimjee, died on Wednesday night, December 20, 2000.

Though people may not have known him personally, anybody and everybody familiar with Coastweek, Nation, and Standard knew Mr. K. A. Karimjee.

Born in a humble Bohra family, he grew up the hard way and even though he did achieve a certain amount of education he stepped into his father's shoes to take care of the family business.

A brilliant amateur photographer, he was ever present at any marriage especially in our Bohra community.

He was a man with a fantastic sense of humour.

People in Old town and Kibokoni will never forget him because of his vociferous concern regarding public services in that area.

It was probably a result of numerous letters that he used to write to the press.

The streets of Old town remained lit, garbage was never allowed to pile up, potholes filled up in time and drug addicts discretely chased away.

Karim. A. Karimjee there will never be anyone like you.

- Aliasghar Ganiwalla, Mombasa.



Coastweek - - (Passed away December 21st, 2001.)

Kind and jolly man,
Affectionate penpals' fan,
Renowned stencil maker,
Informed and keen talker,
Many will remember him.

Adamjee's favourite son,
Karimjee Grocers will miss him,
Always friendly and fun,
Relaxed walker and tourist,
Interested collector and hobbyist.

Master photographer in old times,
Joker and writer to Mombasa Times,
Engaged in writing social letters,
Eternal peace, may Allah rest his soul.

- Burhan Karim A. Karimjee, Mombasa.





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