April 27 - May 03, 2001


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Coastweek - - Fahmi Hinawy died of a heart attack while spending the Easter Holiday week-end with his friend Mohamed Ismail at Takaungu.

Fahmi was a real Muslim Gentleman in the very best sense of the words.

He was a pillar of Mombasa Swahili society and there was always a ready welcome and hospitality for all callers at his seafront home, which in itself was a meeting centre, not only for the leaders of the Swahili community, but for Mombasa residents from all spectrums of our society.

He will be greatly missed.

The committee and members of Friends of Fort Jesus express their deep sympathy for the Hinawy family at their great loss, which we share with them.

"From Allah we come and to Allah we return".

- Mahmud Welton, Mombasa.


Coastweek - - It was with deepest sorrow that I heard of the sudden death of Mfalme Hinawy on Sunday April 15th.

Mfalme was a longtime member of the Friends of Fort Jesus and served on the council until his health required him to go for treatment in U.K.

Even when he was absent in body he was always with us in spirit and we received regular messages of goodwill from him.

On a personal level he was my good neighbour for twelve years.

Between us we harangued many people who would insist on tipping their rubbish over the seafront.

I limited myself to a lashing of the tongue but Mfalme had no such inhibitions and has been known to run out of his house waving a stick at the offenders and on one auspicious occasion a 'panga'.

Mfalme enjoyed and delighted in the beauty of Mombasa and its environs.

He cherished it, doing his utmost to help preserve it for future generations.

He loved the Shimba Hills and did much to upgrade the campsite there.

Mombasa in general and certainly Friends of Fort Jesus will really miss him.

- Marlene Reid, Chairman, Friends of Fort Jesus, Mombasa.




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