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Coastweek - - Shariff Abdurahaman Badawy an eminent scholar and a renowned 'Twabib', throughout the Coast of East Africa and Commoro islands - popularly known as Khitami - passed away in Mombasa on May 28th, 2005 after enduring a long time illness.

He was about 85 years old. Several thousand mourners from various parts the Coast and East Africa attended his funeral rites at Nuru Mosque.

Later his body was flown to Lamu for burial at his father's side, in the Riyadha shine - which is renowned for its annual Prophet Muhammed Birthday celebrations (Maulidi).

As a brilliant and versatile educationist of various disciplines Sayyid Khitami produced several hundred highly qualified theologians, jurisprudence of high calibre, lingustics of Arabic grammar, rhetoric, 'Twabibs' and 'Mauldi recitals'.

Coastweek - - Shariff Abdurahaman Badawy.

He was a fascinating and exciting public speaker and a wonderful lecturer whose Ramadhani 'Darasa' at Sakina Mosque of Old Town, Mombasa used to attract hundreds of listeners, some of whom went on to become his full time students.

His persistent clarion word to such students was: 'Discipline' as the key to successful learning of any given subject and healthy living.

One highly regarded student, Ustadh Harith Swaleh, paid tribute to his mentor:

"Sayyid Khitam was not only a great educationist but a profound sage and a good Muslim philosopher whose wisdom would stand as his indestructible monument in the hearts of his students and the Muslims who happened to have his personal contact.

"He was a peripatetic lecturer who would travel from and to Lamu, Malindi and Mombasa delivering sermons on Islam and treating his patients with a deep sense of devotion and dedication.

"He used to passionately love his call - teaching and giving medicine to his patients.

"His death is most definitely a great, irreparable loss to the Muslims of East Africa."

He was a man of imposing personality with much charismatic power, a pleasant conversationalist with a sense of decent humour who readily mixed with people of all ages and be comfortable with them all.

He often spent time with youth to whom he used to advice as to how to conduct their lives as to set good example for their peers and friends.

He would consistently tell the youth:

"Be young of pragmatic principles; adhering to the 'practicing a sense of moderation in all your dealings as this is the foundation of success in all given involvements of life."

Sayyid Khitami established himself as a scholar of integrity and dignity who tenaciously committed to spreading the Islamic teaching: that the beauty of Islam lies in its simplicity, with a sense of tolerance and respect of other faiths of Heavenly Scriptures.

He was a very well read, highly cultured, thorough gentleman who would well fit with any given society and he was exceptionally popular.

He was often sought to the Arab Gulf nations - such Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman to treat prominent people suffering from: 'Baridi yabis' - various forms of blood-clots and blood veins bursting.

He strictly followed his father's footsteps - the 'saint' Sayyid Swaleh Badawy and was indeed described by those who knew the 'saint' that Khitami was an apt replica of his father.

He inherited the leadership of the Riyadh college, the shrine and the birthday of Prophet Muhammad celebrations organization and ran them with tremendous success, until this year when he fell terribly ill and left the running of Maulidi to some of his thirty six sons and daughters; the most prominent of whom include:

Dr. Bin Simet, a lecturer of Biochemistry at Mascat University, Oman,

Sayyid Muhdhari, an academician, teaching at the Coast Academy, Mombasa who has also taken up lecturing at Anisa Mosque and practicing 'Twabib',

Shariff Swaleh a businessman dealing with exports and imports, clearing and forwarding, and

Sayyid Jened is a businessman in Oman.

Several hundred mourners from all the Bajuni islands converged into Riyadh Mosque to pay their last respect to their revered, great scholar - Sayyid Abduraham Bin Sayyid Swaleh Badawy - Khitami.

- Faraj Dumila, Mombasa.





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