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Jayantilal Gokaldas Samji Rajani

our life is short, but good deeds and
services to mankind are everlasting

Coastweek - - Late Jayantilal Gokaldas Samji Rajani (J.G. Rajani) was born on 12th May, 1928 in Mombasa, Kenya and lived his life out here till 18th May, 2001.

His father late Gokaldas Samji Rajani came to Kenya in 1901 as a storekeeper with one of the merchants in Mombasa.

From there he started his own business as a coffee broker around 1910.

He continued as a broker and in 1942, he invested in a nail making plant.

After completing his the then 'London Matriculation - (GCE)', joined the firm of nail making called Virani Nail Works Limited.

In 1955, he acquired the shares of the other partner in Virani Nail Works Limited and started his 100 per cent owned company under the name of East African Nail Works Limited operating out of site situated behind the current railway station.

Coastweek - - Late
Jayantilal Gokaldas
Samji Rajani.

He then expanded the business by adding more nail machines until July, 1958, when he entered into partnership with Chandaria Family and they together started the integration of wire product industry in Kenya under the umbrella of East African Wire Industries Limited.

The works were then moved to Shimanzi Industrial Area where wire drawing plants were installed to cater for the nail making machinery.

From then on, the development of steel industry moved forward until the formation of Kenya United Steel Company Limited (KUSCO) in 1968, when installation of the first steel rolling mill took place, which was officially opened by the Late President Of Kenya Mzee Jommo Kenyatta on 12th January, 1971.

KUSCO is currently operating and is presently still the largest integrated steel works, where the facilities have been further expanded to produce raw materials for steel, wire and wire products by melting local scrap.

While Mr. J.G. Rajani concentrated in developing steel industry in Kenya, he also expanded his horizons of wire industry in neighbouring countries like Tanzania and Uganda.

Apart from business developments in Kenya and the neighbouring countries, he was also very active in his social life.

He was on the board of governors at Coast Girls High School, Secondary School Girls Hostel, Mombasa Nursery Schools Society.

He was also a member of Kenya Institute Of Management and Kenya Association Of Manufacturers as well as Federation Of Kenya Employers.

He was also honoured as a Trustee of Pandya Memorial Hospital, Mombasa Sports Club, Santokben Nursery School and the Lohana Community.

His contribution to rotary international was unlimited, where, from the time he joined Rotary, he was involved in all aspects of Rotary from vocational to community service to international service and achieved chairmanship of the Rotary Club Of Mombasa and later was elected the District Governor of Rotary District 9200, which covered fourteen countries and thereafter was the Rotary International President's Representative in many countries presenting papers at Rotary District Conferences and conventions on behalf of the R.I. President.

He was instrumental in setting up Polioplus Project of Rotary in Kenya, which is currently in progress, ensuring every newborn child to be vaccinated for polio in Kenya.

Mr. J.G. Rajani's unlimited and unselfish contribution towards education schemes and community service was immense, which showed from his enthusiasm and devotion and his spirit of service will continue to inspire those who come after him.

This devotion will always be a continued reminder to all, that life is short, but good deeds and services to mankind are everlasting.

Mr. J.G. Rajani leaves behind his wife, three sons, two daughters and nine grand-children.





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