July 16 - July 22, 2004


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Coastweek - - The late Kenya newspaperman George Mbugguss was the arch-model of a polished Kiswahili journalistic personality.

His death has definitely robbed hundreds of up-coming Kiswahili journalists (and their readers as well) of a highly committed editor.

He was a paragon of the media who contributed immensely in building up a good image of African journalism.

He was endowed with many journalistic talents, being a brilliant news editor and a perceptive weekly columnist.

Wherever and whenever a Kiswahili newspaper - especially so 'Taifa Leo' - is read he will be fondly remembered: not only for his well written articles but much more so for the professional planning and layout of his pages.

I always found George to be very helpful and co-operative with all his colleagues.

His own peers - who included Omar Chambati, Bob Muthusi, Joe Kadhi, Maurice Sichalwe and Joe Khamis - also admired his editorial out put and his obvious dedication and devotion to his career.

This writer was privileged to have worked with him when Nation newspapers established a weekly pull out within Taifa leo, known as 'Jifunze na Uendelee' for newly literate readers.

This was a generous offer given by the late Michel Curtis to the Board of Adult Education, in co-operation of UNESCO and Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (of which I was its representative to the editorial board).

He, along with Harry Sambo, for six good years continuously edited the pull out to the success and admiration of all concerned.

I have known George since 196O and ever since we became family friends.

George Mbugguss was hard working, punctual at his office, readily approachable and always receptive to good ideas on Kiswahili writing.

He was man of his word, reliable, and quick to fulfill his promise.

He was an admirable conversationalist with a good sense of humour.

He was a resourceful news man who could easily detect news values in any given item based on their oddity, immediacy, conflict, proximity, suspense, emotion and consequence. He had a sharp mind and considerable intellectual perception.

George was a good man: Kenya has irreparably lost a great journalist.

- Faraj Dumila, Mombasa.





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