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Scholar Of Classic Arabic Literature

Coastweek - - Several hundreds mourners attended the funeral of renowned scholar of classic Arabic literature - Ustaadh Khamis Bin Ahmed.

He peacefully passed away on Sunday (14-05-06) and buried the same afternoon.

Many of his former students of the Ithna Sharia School (now known as Jeffery School) felt very sad to learn of his death and not being able to attend his funeral.

Ustaadh produced several hundred students of Classic Arabic Literature over the years he taught both at the Ithna Sheria School and at the Mswalani Mosque of the Old Town, Mombasa.

In his youth, he was a leading Mombasa soccer player with his Falah Football Club.

Coastweek - - Ustaadh
Khamis Bin Ahmed.

He baptized the club after his own 'Madrassa - Falah Muslim school.

His nephew - Mahmoud Abass followed his footsteps to become a leading national team goal keeper.

He was the Imam and lecturer of the Mswalani Mosque where his elder brother - Maalim Said Bin Ahmed for the first time introduced Kiswahili Friday sermons and soon the idea spread all over the Coast and earned him great fame throughout the East African region as a great missionary.

Ustaadh left behind his beloved widow whom he used to affectionately address "Ummy Said" and his only son Said Khamis Ahamed, an officer with Mombasa City Council.

- Faraj Dumila, Mombasa.




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