April 21 - 27, 2006


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source of inspiration for future generations

Coastweek - - I was deeply shocked and saddened to hear the sudden news of the death of Dr Ramesh Desai.

He was a dedicated Doctor.

He was also a great social reformer who dedicated his life for the upliftment of poorer sections of the society.

The great deeds done by him will remain a source of inspiration for the future generations in Mombasa including myself.

Being at a time the Chairman of Pandya Memorial Hospital where I work under him, Dr Desai worked tirelessly in fulfilling his dreams of seeing a Modern Pandya Hospital.

His untimely death is a blow to many.

Coastweek - -  The late
Dr Ramesh Desai.

On my behalf and my fellow Pandya Staff, may I send our warmiest Condolences to his family and all the medical fraternity in Mombasa.

His absence will be greatly felt. He will be Greatly missed.

- Abdulrazak Masoud, London, United Kingdom.





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