October 22 - 28, 2004


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Janina Trzebinska was a quite
extraordinary bridge player !

."Three No Trumps" (her favourite bid)

Coastweek - - The game of Bridge is played throughout the World by a vast array of different people and at many levels of expertise.

Nowhere is it played with more enthusiasm than in the ladies' groups in Mombasa and especially at the Wednesday morning 'Duplicate' game.

Some years ago there was no keener player than Janina (Jane to her friends and her family) Trzebinska.

For many years, together with her regular partner Christa Haller, she dominated the tables as a forceful and determined player.

It is probably true to say that she was certainly one of or possibly the best player that the ladies group ever had.

Jane was a life-long player of the game.

One of the earliest memories her son Sbish has of her is hiding under the Bridge table while she played with her friends.

In the last few years she was plagued by eyesight problems which forced her to stop playing 'Duplicate' but she was playing her usual Friday morning game with understanding friends until her last illness.

Once Bridge was no longer in her life she turned her face to the wall and waited for death.

A few of her friends, including her erstwhile partner, Christa, gathered for Bridge and lunch to remember and honour her, at the home of Maeve Mitchell recently.

Janina was a great upholder of all the Bridge etiquette rules and one dare not put ones hand on the cards at the wrong moment or become confused about "dealing" or "making" the cards.

The memory of the lash of her tongue or the smack of her hand lives on.

The system she played was, on occasions, somewhat difficult to understand.

Cutthroat and giving no quarter.

If she was playing the hand, her very ambitious bids usually worked out but if a timid or hapless partner was left to make "Three No Trumps" (her favourite bid) with a support hand of two points it was not always so successful.

After a miserable "three down, doubled" Janina always had some advice as to mistakes in leading or playing to which there was usually no reply.

Her knowledge of the cards and her recall of the play sequence were faultless.

Jane was in that wonderful class of intrepid settlers, always busy, and with a sharp and articulate mind, despite the frustrating inadequacies of an aging body.

She is someone who will never be forgotten.

As her Bridge friends raised their glasses to her memory it was felt that she is probably now running the Bridge Club in the sky, tapping the angels' wrists when they get the "dealing" wrong.

- Marlene Reid, Mombasa.





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