June 17 - 23, 2005


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in Moscow School of Investigation

Coastweek - - Lion Earnest Awiti Ogutu of the Mombasa Lions Club, Pwani has peacefully passed away at Kenyatta National Hospital on 3Oth May.

His fellow Lions, on hearing of him being admitted to I.C.U. at the Aga Khan Hospital they rushed to see how they could help him.

He was laid to rest at his original home - Ogenda, at Nyasema on 12th June.

They met most of his hospital bills and were ready to meet the expenses of transporting him for Kidney treatments to Kenyatta National Hospital.

His fellow Lions and close friend Hon. Ramadhani S. Kajembe described the late Ogutu:

"He was the most detribalized gentleman with a deep sense of belonging to all Kenyans as he was ever ready to help anybody coming for his personal help.

"He regarded himself a truly Coastal man and proud at that, as he had never thought of settling back in Nyanza since he came to live at Mombasa at the age of sixteen years old and working as a book shop assistant with a Mombasa Missionary bookshop (CMS) and later on joined the now well known City Bookshop."

Coastweek - - Late
Earnest Awiti Ogutu. 

He was so friendly and generous minded personality that almost all the communities at Mombasa regarded him as their good friend - freely and easily mixing with them in their social and cultural gatherings and contributing to making the events a success.

He would be greatly missed at such gatherings.

Cool and disciplined he possessed meticulous observation with a keen and enquiring mind.

He had his training as an investigator in a Moscow School of Investigation and Detective College for five years where his performances were highly commended.

He was always immaculately dressed - dandy.

His favourite magazine - Readers Digest.

On his return he was attached to the Immigration Department office at Mombasa where he soon established a reputation with his unique investigating power.

He loved the Coast and its indigenous communities, so much so that he so freely mixed with them; that it was extremely difficult to discriminate him from the Waswahili.

Lion Ogutu was a committed member of the Mombasa Lions Club, Pwani who strictly and loyally so adhered to the its principles and ethics; readily to go out of his way to help whoever was in genuine need for any deserving assistance.

He strongly believed:" To be happy is to make others happy.

To appreciate others' assistance is to be yourself of assistant of others - when needs be."

His esteemed friend James Oluoch, noted:

"We have lost a thorough gentleman and a great humanitarian.

His death has robbed us of an exceptionally good man."

He used to admire Hon. Charles Njonjo's personal characteristics and his leadership qualities; particularly his unique style of expressing himself in impeccable English.

He often quoted his fovourite epithet: "Justice delayed is justice denied."

He used to express his wish to his close friends that when he passed away he should be buried beside his second wife and son's graves at Kisauni graveyard - Mombasa.

The Luo traditional norms prevailed.

The former Buibui woman nominated parliamentarian, Hon. Maryam Matano was terribly saddened by Ogutu's death:

"He helped us, the children of Baba Matano, in many ways, particularly so in continuing with our schooling."

He was so friendly and such generous minded personality that almost all the communities at Mombasa regarded him as their good friend.

- Faraj Dumila, Mombasa.




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