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March 23 - 29, 2007


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DYNAMIC spiritual scholars established
academic institutions in Coast mosques

Coastweek - -  'Education In Islam' parades a score of spiritual scholars who established academic institutions in mosques at the Coast, producing several hundred 'Sheikhs' and 'Ustaadhis' some of whom have become 'Kadhis, Chief Kadhis, Muslim 'Wakilis' and lecturers.

The two most outstanding ones are:

Riyadha Mosque, at Lamu, which was founded by the great saint - Sayyid Swaleh Badawy and bequeathed it to his offspring who have raised it into a level of a Muslim university and Mbarouk Mosque, at Mombasa, which was established by Sheikh Al-Islam - Sayyid Saggaf and bequeathed to Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Al-Lamy; popularly known as 'Sheikh Bereki' and made a widely recognized academy.

The booklet 'Education in Islam' is written by Faraj Dumila who attempts to highlight some main contributors to educational development - both spiritual and secular - within the Coast Muslim communities, since more than a century ago to the cotemporary ones.

It has already been favourably previewed on Radio Salaam FM by young scholars who were shown the manuscript. The write up is dedicated to two great missionaries:

Sheikh Bereki for producing several hundred scholars who turned up to be 'Kadhis' and ' Ustaadhis, at his two mosques - 'Masjid Al-Azhar and 'Msikiti wa Mbaruku'.

  broadcasting media

Maalim Said Bin Ahmed for his fifty years in broadcasting media during which time he enlightened several thousand listeners, over the 'Sauti ya Mvita' and became remarkably popular throughout East and Central Africa.

It also includes a Kiswahili profile of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) stressing on his characteristics - honesty, sincerity, leadership qualities, wisdom and good-nature.

The illustration of Socrates, Mandela, Gandhi, Martin Luther (J) and Malkome X, George Bernard Shaw, and Bertrand Russell indicates that Muslim educationists do accept their philosophical contributions to Muslims' academic development.

The students from various schools in the country who are recipients of Universal Education Trust Fund have expressed their gratitude for the bursaries that enabled them continue with their studies, while Hon. Sheikh Najib Balala sponsored the printing cost of the essay: 'Education in Islam.' 

Coastweek - -  Sheikh
Ahmed Mohamed Al-Lamy

Coastweek - - Maalim Said
Bin Ahmed





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