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February 05 - 12, 1999


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Coastweek - - "Does Africa know a song of me" wrote Karen Blixen in her beautiful book "Out of Africa".

Tove Hussein went in search of "Africa's Song" for Karen Blixen and tells in her book, how she found it, amongst the memorabilia of her life in her African home, lovingly restored to how it used to be.

Her memory is kept alive by those many who want to see where the author of "Out of Africa" lived.

Although the coffee farm is now a golf course, her home remains as it was - old Africans will tell you that the school she started for the children of her workers used to be where the 16th tee now is.

Tove then wrote of finding Karen Blixen song in the hearts of her old workers and their descendants.

Karen Blixen's worry when she left Africa was for the welfare of her servants.

She kept in touch with them and gave them financial support until her death in 1962 when she bequeathed large sums to those faithful friends she wrote of in "Out of Africa" and "Shadows in the Grass".

There are many touching letters written to Karen Blixen reproduced in this book, thanking her for her kindnesses and saying they'd never forget her, and many photographs, some published for the first time.

Sons and grandsons of her workers have been traced and have helped with information.

This is a book to put beside 'Out of Africa', 'Shadows in the Grass' and Kamande's 'Longing for Darkness."

As Tove Hussein writes: "Karen Blixen's name is still known all over Kenya and the song of her life will be heard far into the future."

Tove Hussein, author of "Africa's Song" came to Kenya in 1968 as a field worker with the Danish Volunteer Service.

She has spent many hours researching the life of Karen Blixen in Kenya and studying her literary works.

Tove is a founding member of the Karen Blixen Museum in Nairobi opened in 1985.

She is married and has two daughters.

Tove's book is now available in Mombasa from Kants Stationers, Paper Connections, Ratna Square or Frances Cook-Lagoussis, tel: 224482/ 220898. 




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