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March 23 - 30, 2001


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author has laughed at everything
and everyone - more so at himself

Coastweek - - Mombasa readers will recall that some years back, they were entertained by a book called "On A Plantation in Kenya" (later re-titled "Red Soils of Tsavo") written by a local author, M G. Visram.

That work was described by the doyen of journalism, Edward Rodwell as 'delightful' and having 'a strong sense of humour'.

The book was a semi autobiography of the author's life on a sisal plantation.

Now Mr. Visram has come with a sequel to the above work and is entitled 'Beyond The Baobab Tree'.

The backdrop of the story is the same sisal estate but the incidents and anecdotes are shared by the author through the eyes of a locomotive driver of the steam engines that operated in olden days, and whom Visram befriended when the later was briefly posted at Voi the place where the author's family has the plantation.

Evidently the story is set during the closing years of the colonial Kenya.

This book does not preach any moral nor comes up with any message.

Coastweek - - Author M. G.
Visram's new
work entitled
'Beyond The Baobab Tree'.

All it does is to narrate incidents, some of them being highly humorous.

The author has laughed at everything and everyone, more so at himself.

Some of the stories would seem far-fetched but Visram claims that they are all true and the reason they seem unreal is because he has been liberal with poetic licence.

The action scrawls all over the country, beginning from Kitale, coming down to Kisumu and stretching to Mombasa.

The entire work is more of an exercise in spinning of anecdotes.

At no time is the reader bored with unnecessary text or lengthy descriptions.

Altogether 'Beyond The Baobab Tree' is an immensely enjoyable and captivating book and anyone looking for light-hearted laughter should not miss reading it.

'Beyond The Baobab Tree' is now on sale at local book shops.

M. G. Visram has also written a biography of the famous pioneer of Eastern Africa, entitled 'Allidina Visram' (no relation to the author, the surname being only a coincidence).





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