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Tanzanian police are seen as the most corrupt institution: survey

DAR ES SALAAM (Xinhua) -- A recent survey has showed that Tanzanians view their police as the most corrupt institution in the east African nation.

Tanzanians also view corruption as very common in some government sectors, including politics, tax, land, education, local government and water, according to the findings released on Tuesday by Twaweza, a ten year initiative to promote access to information and better service delivery in East Africa.

The findings show that 94 per cent of Tanzanians said there was corruption in the police, 91 per cent said there was corruption in politics, 82 per cent in health, 80 per cent in tax, 79 per cent in land, 70 per cent in education, 68 per cent in local government and 56 per cent in water.

"NGOs are also perceived to be corrupt by more than 50 per cent of citizens, the only sectors seen to be less corrupt are business and religious organizations," said the survey.

The findings were based on data from Sauti za Wananchi, Africa’ s first nationally representative mobile phone survey that polls households across mainland of Tanzania.

Aside from perceptions of corruption, Twaweza researched when citizens were actually asked to pay bribes.

Again the police emerged as key culprits.

Three out of five citizens who have recently interacted with the police reported that they were asked for a bribe.

"It is troubling that despite many efforts, citizens encounter such high levels of corruption in their daily lives and across so many different sectors, particularly government services," said Rakesh Rajani, the head of Twaweza.

Zitto Kabwe, the chairman of the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee, said daily life in Tanzania was governed by the corruption of public officials in services such as health, education, agriculture and judicial system.

He suggested the establishment of Serious Fraud Office within Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB), which will have legislative powers to investigate and prosecute all major scandals done by public officials.



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