Lamu Mango Salad and Black Beans


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Coastweek - - Try this salad also with red beans, prepared with
onion, garlic and lightly flavoured with red chillies ... Kibao !


DRESSING: (serves six portions) 

  •   Two tablespoons fresh lime juice

  •    One quarter of a cup diced fresh mint leaves

  •   Two tablespoons ready-to-serve chicken broth

  •   One tablespoon olive oil

  •   One teaspoon ground coriander

  •   One teaspoon Baobab Farm (Bamburi) honey.

  •   One eighth teaspoon ground nutmeg

  •   Half a kilo (pre-cooked) black beans, rinsed and drained

  •   One third cup sliced green onions

  •   Six lettuce leaves

  •   One Lamu mango, peeled and sliced

  •   Fresh mint leaves (optional)



  1. Combine dressing ingredients in medium mixing bowl.

  2. Whisk to dissolve Baobab Farm (Bamburi) honey. Add beans. Toss to coat.

  3. Cover with plastic wrap. Let stand at room temperature for one hour, stirring occasionally.

  4. Stir in green onions.

  5. To serve, line six serving plates with lettuce.

  6. Spoon about half a cup bean mixture onto center of each lettuce leaf.

  7. Arrange Lamu mango slices around bean mixture.

  8. Garnish with fresh mint leaves, if desired.

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