Green Beans with Red Tomatoes


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Coastweek - - Kenya's French Beans are world famous from New
York, to Tokyo and Paris: all the 'smart' restaurants have their special
ways to serve this marvellous vegetable. Here is a traditional recipe
from a reader in Kilifi, who writes: 'We just cannot eat enough of this
simple and delicious greenery ... it goes well with any main course.'


INGREDIENTS: (four servings)

  • half kgs. (French/ Kenya) green beans

(When selecting green beans, look for small, plump,
firm pods with velvety, shiny skins and small seeds.)

  • one tablespoon olive or maize oil

  • one clove garlic (finely chopped)

  • one small onion (finely chopped)

  • six large crushed red tomatoes

  • quarter tea spoon dried basil

  • one eighth teaspoon pepper



  1. Rinse green beans under cold water, then snap off and discard the stem ends as well as the tail ends, if you like.

  2. Small green beans can be cooked whole, and large ones can be cut into halves or small pieces.

  3. In a large nonstick skillet, heat the oil over moderate heat.

  4. Add the garlic and onion and cook, stirring, about five minutes, until softened and golden.

  5. Stir in the tomatoes with basil and pepper and cook, stirring frequently, about two minutes longer.

  6. Stir in the green beans so that they are all coated with the tomato mixture.

  7. Cover the skillet and cook about six minutes, until the beans are crisp-tender.

We are always interested in your opinions, suggestions, comments or 
contributions - If you have a favourite 'traditional' recipe that might go 
down well along the East African Coast, do send it in to us and we can 
share your pleasure and treasure with our readers around the world.







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