Akni/ Pillau (lamb, beef or chicken)


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AKNI /PILAU - Made from
Lamb, Beef or Chicken

Coastweek - - A weekend favourites from the Kenya Coast.



  • One kg. Lamb/ or beef/ or 1 x 3 lbs. chicken cut into ten pieces

  • Three cups rice, washed and soaked for half an hour

  • 150 gms. yoghurt

  • Two tomatoes, chopped

  • Two large unions sliced lengthwise

  • Four green chillies

  • One teaspoon garlic paste

  • One teaspoon ginger paste

  • Two teaspoons cumin seeds

  • Salt to taste

  • One cup vegetable/ salad oil

  • 6-8 medium sized potatoes, peeled and halved



  • Three pods cardamom, 

  • Three sticks cinnamon,

  • Three cloves, Six black peppercorns.

Preparation and cooking time: approx. two and a half hours for lamb/ beef

Preparation and cooking time: approx. one and a half hours for chicken.



  1. Add garlic, ginger, salt, two green chillies and yoghurt to the meat or

  2. chicken and cook until tender

  3. Heat the oil in a saucepan and fry the onions until light brown

  4. In the meantime. Add the cumin seeds and whole Garam Masala to half a

  5. cup of water

  6. As soon as the onions are light brown add the contents of the above cup

  7. Add the cooked meat or chicken (without stock) and fry well

  8. Add the remaining whole green chillies and the tomatoes to the meat

  9. Then add the potatoes, mix well and add approximately five cups made up

  10. of hot water and stock

  11. Bring to the boil, add salt to taste

  12. Add the drained rice and bring back to the boil stirring gently once

  13. only

  14. Cover and let it simmer on very low heat until cooked

  15. Leave to steam dry either on a warm element or it a medium oven at 160.C

  16. (Gas mark 3 or 350 F) for half an hour.

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