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Coastweek - - In this part of Africa the average chicken works 
so hard to find its food, it is neither large nor plump, but this 
succulent recipe combines a rich blend of intriguing fruits and 
oriental spices to bring out the best in both texture and flavour.


What one might describe as a Swahili-Indo-Chinese dish, this chicken speciality is excellent for a buffet party as it is easy to serve at a ‘help-yourself meal’ or fork luncheon, either as a main course or starter.

Some cooks insist on using ‘chilli powder’ but, if you can get them, fresh green chillies are always preferable !

The cumin and coriander seeds and peanut butter give the rice an intriguing flavour.

(If you do not want to use ham then instead add well-marbled fillet).


INGREDIENTS: (Serves: four as a main course)

  • one dressed boiling fowl (one and three quarter kgs.)

  • onions (half a kg.)

  • one bay leaf

  • one sprig parsley

  • salt and black pepper

  • rice (450 gms.)

  • three tablespoons vegetable oil

  • half a teaspoon of chilli powder/

  • or one fresh green finger size green chilli chopped and diced

  • two tablespoons peanut butter

  • cooked ham diced (175 gms.)/

  • or well marbled fillet finely diced (175 gms.)

  • one teaspoon cumin seeds

  • one and a half teaspoons coriander seeds

  • one clove garlic

  • pinch ground mace or nutmeg

cucumber, pineapple and lemon for garnish



  1. Simmer the fowl until tender with one peeled onion, the bay leaf, parsley and salt and pepper to taste.

  2. Lift out the fowl and remove the meat from the bones.

  3. Strain and reheat the stock, add the rice and cook until just tender.

  4. Drain through a colander and cover with a dry cloth.

  5. Peel and slice the remaining onions.

  6. Heat the oil in a large frying pan and fry the onions slowly until beginning to colour.

  7. Stir in the peanut butter, chilli powder (or diced fresh chilli) ham (or marbled, finely diced fillet) and chicken meat and then the rice, which should be dry and fluffy.

  8. Continue stirring and frying until the rice is slightly brown.

  9. Crush the cumin and coriander seeds and garlic and stir them, with the mace into the rice. Season to taste with salt.

  10. Pile on a hot dish and garnish with sliced unpeeled cucumber and wedges of fresh pineapple and lemon.



Surround the serving dish with little bowls containing various chutneys such as lime, lemon and mango, and dishes of fried almonds, cashew nuts and toasted coconut.

We are always interested in your opinions, suggestions, comments or 
contributions - If you have a favourite 'traditional' recipe that might go 
down well along the East African Coast, do send it in to us and we can 
share your pleasure and treasure with our readers around the world.






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