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Generous Free Diabetic Retina, General Eye and Homeopathy Screening at Shiv Temple Mombasa | Coastweek

Homeopathic Consultant Dr. Shruti Pednekar is seen [standing, from left] together with Cataract and LASIK surgeon Dr. Vaibhav Pednekar, Retina Surgeon Dr. Bhavin Shah, Senior Optometrist Dhirendra Tiwari, Brahm Samaj Chairman Bharat Bhatt, Priten Parmar, MEH Chairman and MD Sanjeev Agarwal, Shiv Temple Trustee Madhu Ruparelia, Shiv Temple Chairman and Trustee Ratilal Shah, Shiv Temple Trustee Dinesh Parmar, Kamlesh Velani, Gangaram, Optometrist Pradeep Agrawal, Optometrist Manish Kumar and Optometrist Madhur Mishra.

Generous Free Diabetic Retina, General Eye and
Homeopathy Screening at Shiv Temple, Mombasa

MOMBASA -- On Sunday 6th January, 2019, Mombasa Eye Hospital And Laser Centre together with Dr. Shruti,s advanced Homeopathy Centre in conjuction wth Shiv Temple in Mombasa had a very successful Diabetic Retina, General Eye and Homeopathy free consultation and screening.

Patients Turn out was overwhelming and the Total number of patients screened were 206 checked and diagnosed for different Eye Ailments/ Illness by number of specialist and doctors

A team from Mombasa Eye Hospital and laser centre managed to attend to 180 patients for Eye and Dr. Shruti attended to 26 Patients for Homeopathy-Alternative medicine.

Patients with complications were reffered to Mombasa eye hospital and laser centre in Nyali for further treatment with Retina, Glaucoma ,Cataract related issues.And for Homeopathy-Alternative medicine patients were reffered to Dr.shrutis advanced homeopathy centre by Dr.shruti pednekar.

All the Specialist and Doctors who served the patients were Dr. Bhavin shah-Retina surgeon,Dr.Vaibhav Pednekar-Cataract and refractive surgeon,Dr.shruti sankpal-Homeopathy consultant.

Consultant Optometrists were Mr. Dhirendra Tiwari, Mr.Pradeep Agrawal, Mr. Manish Kumar and Mr. Madhur Mishra.

And all those who worked tirelessly towards the success of this medical camp were Mr. Madhu Ruparelia – Trustee Shiv Temple, Mr. Dinesh Parmar – trustee shiv temple, Mr. Bharat Bhatt - chairman Shree Brahm Samaj, Mr. Bhiku Bhai Bhah - Nyali Beach Resort Mr.Gangaram Patel, Mr.Kamlesh Vellani - Rapid Kate, Mr. Dinesh Patel, Priest from the Temple, Mr. Rama And his team of subordinate staff from Shiv Temple.

Shiv temple ChairmanTrustee Mr. Ratilal Shah appreciated all the specialist, doctors, Paramedical staffe and all the volunteers who dedicately worked very hard towards the success of this medical and Eye camp.

Overall the complete activity was a great success!



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