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Coastweek-- Whitesands Hotel unique Christmas tree made out of plastic bottles and recycle materials.

Whitesands Hotel Recycle Bottles To Make
X-Mas Tree To Conserve Environment

Coastweek-- In a bid to conserve environment, Sarova Whitesands Hotel at the Coast, has come up with strategies to conserve the environment.

According Siddharth Sathe, the Whitesands Hotel General Manager, waste management is one of the biggest challenges in many hotels in the country because the facilities that collect, segregate, and recycle materials are very few.

In a statement to newsrooms on Saturday, Sathe said at Whitesands they have come up with idea to re-use plastic bottles and old brochure papers to design Christmas decoration for the hotel.

The hotel has collected over 20,000 bottles of Sprite soda and used them to put up a 12.5-metre long magnificent-looking artificial Christmas tree.

The 20,000 bottles are being held up together with the scrap metals from the recently concluded renovations at the hotels.

The whole masterpiece is weighing 550 Kg and was put up together in 14 days.

“The plastic bottle-made tree, which lights up at night is the centre of attraction to guest at the hotel. Next year we will try and put up a taller tree than this,” said Sathe.

At the same time, Sathe said to complete the festive look at the resort, the team designed wreaths out of old Sarova Hotels brochures, rate cards and left-over magazines from guests.

“We are committed to reducing the environmental impact and carbon footprint from activities associated with the resort, spa, guestrooms and dining. The resort will constantly work towards improving resource efficiency, self-sufficiency and reduce-waste,” he said.

At the hotel lobby, another Christmas tree made up of cartons collected from suppliers that bring in deliveries to the hotel is standing magnificently.

“From idea to installation, none of this would have been possible without our hotel family coming together. We are sure that our guests will feel the holiday spirit and join us in our efforts to be responsible towards to the ecosystem around us,” he said.

Meanwhile, guest at the hotel have an opportunity to enjoy attractive packages that have been set up, according to Sathe.

Sarova Whitesands has come up with a package, “All Day Dining”, whereby all the guest booked at the hotel can eat any time of the day whenever they are without going to the restaurants.

“Our guests have an opportunity to eat all day whenever they want without going to the restaurants. We have set up food point around the swimming pools, at the gardens and at designated areas of the hotels.

This is something we have been doing for the past three years,” said Sathe.

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