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Some Last Thoughts from Our Readers

Coastweek--Sorry to learn of the very sad news.

On behalf of Shabnam Nayer, Bailli Delegue du Kenya and Member Consiel Magistral and  all the members of Chaine des Rotisseurs Mombasa, please accept our sincere appreciation for all the work we did together over many years.

Also accept our personal best wishes as Gurdeep and Shabnam.

We were present at your first publication!

Bless you all, Gurdeep and Mrs Shabnam Nayer, Mombasa.

As Children And Young Adults Growing Up

We Have Always Been “Part” Of Coastweek

Coastweek--I was sorry to hear that Coastweek is closing down, what a shame.

Your efforts over the last 40 years have been commendable.

As children and young Adults growing up we have always been “part” of Coastweek.

I do wish you well, kudos to your tremendous efforts and be blessed.

Rafique Parkar, Mombasa

Coastweek-- I am very sad to read that you people are discontinuing the publication of Coastweek that we used to look forward to for the news around the coast.

You have served especially the coastal people well with the local and Kenya news for a very long time on weekly basis.

I am sure all the fans of Coastweek will miss reading it dearly including myself. I wish you the best in all your future endeavours.

Dr. Lata Magon, Mombasa.

Coastweek-- I am in shock and I don’t know when I will be myself again. I have just been informed that one of my favourite newspapers, at least its printed version, Mombasa’s Coastweek will cease publication after the final edition next Friday.

It may be possible to be born again as an online publication.

It never is the same.

The Coastweek will be buried with the human parts of thousands of past readers who stories and photographs it published: their successes, their failures, their births, their deaths ... all of the human endeavours which collectively is a cyclopaedia, or several copies, of the Coast.

In a way in its death, much of the coast will die with it. My heart is filled with sadness. The grieving process begins next Friday.

Coming to terms will take a long, long time.

Many thanks to all my friends who made the Coastweek possible.

Never forget you.

Cyprian Fernandes, Sydney, Australia.


Coastweek-- Happy Christmas from Hotty Perth (41.2C today)

I see that ‘The end is nigh’ for your newsprint media.

Enjoy your retirement. No one on their death bed has ever said:

“I wish I had worked longer!”

Mrs Val and Michael Parry, Perth, Australia.

Coastweek-- Many congratulations on Coastweek celebrating its recent 40th Anniversary.

And thanks for giving us readers its history, of those who contributed to its success over the years.

But as much honour and credit, if not more, go to you for taking up the baton, for Coastweek then grew even more with its exciting news, entertainment, and sports coverage, with its histories of famous Kenyan personalities, all of which brought it worldwide popularity.

We have vivid recollections of the late Neta Peal, one of Coastweek’s great writers, whose articles and pictures lifted the newspaper to greater heights.

Kudos to all at Coastweek !

Regards and best wishes, Edmund and Mrs. Hasu Silveira, Mombasa.

Coastweek-- Congratulations Coastweek on 40 years of publishing and 4152 issues (4152 = 12, a number of completion).

Retirement, we know all about that – it means working harder than ever before!

What a lovely thought!

We wish Coastweek staff a very happy Christmas and a great celebration.

Mrs Diana and Prof. Gil Stokes, Hobart, Tasmania.

Coastweek-- I have happened upon your publication as a result of “googling” an article about the stage version of Bohemian Rhapsody and Freddie Mercury (F. Bulsara) as I used to play cricket against Ramesh Bulsara when I worked in Mombasa between 1960-1963.

I also saw an article featuring the life of Ray Batchelor with whom I used to play cricket for the Coast Stragglers Cricket Club.

I left Kenya in 1966 and was due to return to Nairobi after U.K. leave but was diverted to Zambia for two years and subsequently posted back to London.

I shall continue to view your website as it provides a nice link to happy days.

Kwaheri, Roy Groom-bridge, United Kingdom.

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