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Pamoja Odyssey, Sailing on Board the Musafir

Coastweek-- The Pamoja Odyssey is a series of creative community and sailing experiences on board the Musafir, bringing together filmmakers, designers, artists, musicians, educators, and community organisers to build bridges and share cultures.

Along our journey, as Musafiri, we will engage with our distant relatives in small coastal communities to exchange in perspectives, transfer of ideas and sharing of knowledge.

At each port we will immerse and converse with the local communities, communicating with each other through art, music and film, resulting in a collaborative celebration of the experience - a film festival!

In its entirety, the Pamoja Odyssey is 10 days sailing and 28 days of community workshops and festival.

The Journey

Leg 1: 10 days. Kilifi to Shimoni. Jan 10th - 19th

(10th-14th workshop and festival in Kilifi. 14th-15th Sail to Shimoni. 15th-20th workshop and festival in Shimoni)

Leg 2: 14 days. Shimoni to Pemba to Zanzibar. Jan 19th - Feb 2nd

(19th-20th Sail to Pemba. 21-26 workshop and festival in Pemba. 26-28th Sail to Zanzibar. 28th - 2nd workshop and festival in Zanzibar)

Leg 3: 7 days. Zanzibar to Mafia Island. Feb 2nd - 9th


The Musafir Dhow | Coastweek

  Coastweek-- The Musafir Dhow is a platform for the message of peace, freedom and unity; an ambitious project where people who believe in this message can be active in its flow.

(2nd-3rd Sail to Mafia. 3rd-9th workshop and festival in Mafia)

Leg 4: 7 days. Mafia Island to Kilwa Masoko. Feb 9th - 16th

(9th-10th sail to Okuza. 10th -12th workshops in Okuza. Depending on winds - 12th-13th Sail to Kilwa Masoko. 13th -16th workshops and festival in Kilwa Masoko)

The Musafir follows the trade winds so there is no return journey aboard.

Alongside our Distant Relatives of Kilifi Backpackers and Beneath the Baobabs, the Musafir is getting into the festival spirit with some of our incredible sundowner events and even a space at the festival !

You can find them in the Kisima area, the mind body soul space, where they will welcome you to speak openly about community, expression, peace, transcending boundaries, and the role as individuals and as communities, can take in changing the world.


28th Dec - Ecstatic Dance 2.30 - 5pm

29th Dec - Conscious Relating Workshop 11 am

30th, 31st Dec - 1st Jan - Find us at the Festival! 2 - 7pm

2nd Jan - Say hello to 2019 Sundowners! 5 -8pm!

Musafir is a word in Swahili, Arabic, Persian, Hindi and Urdu meaning traveler. In the Romanian and Turkish languages it means guest.

The Musafir Dhow is a platform for the message of peace, freedom and unity; an ambitious project where people who believe in this message can be active in its flow.

In order to achieve this we need freedom of movement and freedom of thought.

We the Musafir have been building the boat for the past six years and are now sailing and reaching out to small coastal communities where we can exchange  knowledge, skills and consciousness with the people we meet there.

Sharing our time and energy can only give a more clear understanding.

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