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Coastweek -- Seen [from left] are Deepak Vyas, Bhogie Doshi, M Hassanali, K Hassanali, Chandu Shah, Tara Shah and Ali Jeneby.

18 Bowlers Go Head To Head at Tara and
Chandu Shah Sponsored Trips Tourney

Coastweek -- November 2018 is a month full of Bowling Tournaments.

Just a week ago we had the 2x4x2 Challenge.

On 17th November 2018, our Senior Bowlers Tara and Chandu Shah hosted a Trips Tournament.

A record number of 18 bowlers registered for the Tournament meaning we had 6 trips teams to battle for the Prize.

To break the ice from the Norm, we started with the Spider.

A Jack is placed in the middle of the Green with all bowlers assembled round the Green with a Wood.

On the count of 3, all will roll their wood till it comes to a stop.

Prizes were earned by those whose woods were closest to the woods of Tara, Chandu and our Captain Ali Jeneby.

A quick group photo taken and then the Tournament commenced.

The 1st 9 ends were played with certain twists which the sponsor preferred.

Jack not be centered and the End to be short and on return the Jack will be centered and no restriction on the length of the End.

Skip Chandu Shah with H Walijee as Lead and kalim hassanali as Second met Skip Deepak Vyas with Anwar Hamada as lead and Bhogie Doshi as Second.

Skip Chandu Shah’s team took the lead to finish 12 shots up to 5 shots for Skip Deepak’s Team.

Skip Kirti Chaniyara with Totahira Syed as Second and Jaleel Syed as lead faced Skip Ali Jeneby with Alihusein Namajee as Second and Tara Shah as Lead.

A very close game with Skip Ali Jeneby’s team 6 shots up to 5 shots for Skip Kirti Chaniyara’s Team.

Skip Vishal Shah with Lead Zarak Rana and Second Shobha Bij tied against Skip Vijay Bij with Lead Zahra Syed and Aftab Mohamedbhai as Second.

Each had 7 shots on completion of 9 ends.

Tea break followed where all talked about their 1st 9 Ends over a cup of Coffee and biscuits.

The Second 9 Ends followed with some interesting twist and turns… the Highlight being Skip Deepak Vyas’s team pulling up a fast one to be 11 shots up against 4 shots for Skip Ali Jeneby’s team and claimed the Runner up position.

Final analysis:
WINNER: Chandu Shah/ K Hassanali / H Walijee
RUNNER UP: Deepak Vyas/ Bhogie Doshi/ Anwar Hamada

Dinner followed at Mvita Tennis Club where we celebrated Chandu Shah’s 73rd Birthday.

Congratulations Chandu Shah. Good Bowling!.



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