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Subira Film Premiered In Mombasa At Cinemax Nyali

Coastweek -- After a grand premiere at Westgate, Nairobi on November 29th 2018, Subira film premiered in Mombasa at Cinemax Nyali on December 7th , 2018.

Being a coastal film, the fans were very excited to meet the cast and crew of Subira who had flown down to Mombasa for the event.

The fans flocked in big numbers to the cinema to catch their favorite stars.

Amongst the people present for the premiere was Zinat Mohammed – the girl who played the role of little Subira who flew down for the premiere from Lamu, Sippy Chadha, Brenda Wairimu, Tirath Padam, Nice Githinji, Roselidah Taabu, Tony Kamau, Susan Ngao, Audrey Bera, Casting Agent – Ken Ambani , Mombasa Assistant High Commissioner – Mr. Shyam Sunder Dewani and his wife Shobhna Dewani, MD of Coastweek – Mr. & Mrs. Shiraz Alibhai, Englishpoint Marina – Mr & Mrs Amyn Kanji, Bhavin Motors – Mr. & Mrs Bipin Rathod, Friends of Fort Jesus, CEO of Raia Tv – Ann Hamberger, to name a few.

The film was very well received with positive feedback from the Coastarians.

Mombasa was indeed very warm to Subira.


Subira Film Premiered In Mombasa At Cinemax Nyali | Coastweek

  Coastweek -- The cast and crew of the Kenyan film Subira were present for the premiere and release at Nyali Cinemax on Friday, December 7th at 8 p.m. as well as excited to meet the Coastarians and get their feedback on the film. At the Kalasha Awards hosted in Nairobi on November 24th, Subira scooped some of the most coveted awards of the night including Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Editor and Best Lighting Award. Seen above are the actor Tirath Padam [left] and actress Brenda Wairimu [right] with director Ravneet Sippy Chadha at Nyali Cinemax for the premiere of the film.

Q & A with the film’s director Sippy Chadha:

1.) When did you start writing Subira? How has your journey been so far?

The project of writing Subira started eight years ago. The reason I started writing this story is because I felt trapped by my own emotions.

Growing up as a girl, in a traditional family in India, my entire life was laid out in front of me. I must behave a certain way, look a certain way, marry into a certain family, have children, in that order. There wasn’t any significance given to my unique sense of self. In fact, self -expression was not allowed. Girls must obey to be considered “Good”.

The ultimate goal of a woman was to aspire to keep a good home. Yet, I felt a murmuring in my heart that said, I was meant for greater things.As I came of age, I started to get offers of marriage, as is our custom. This was my deepest fear. I saw marriage as a trap. I had seen many of my cousins go through marriage, giving up their dreams and becoming totally domesticated. When it was my turn to get married, I did go through an arranged marriage and came to Kenya in a matter of weeks.

In this journey, I found the courage to confront my demons and take on my greatest fears. I can say in my deepest fears I found my largest freedom.

2.) Do you enjoy being a Director or a Writer?

I enjoy writing. It’s almost like healing and meditative for me. On the other hand, directing comes most easily and naturally because I have the scene running in my head when I am penning it down during the writing process.

3.) What has given you the most satisfaction in this journey so far?

Filming Subira has been my dream, having the whole world see my point of view has been very satisfying. My dream is to continue telling authentic stories with global resonance. I strongly believe that my work as a filmmaker is to expand consciousness such that we may break through our own limitations and live from a sense of aliveness.

4.) How was it to win the Kalasha award for the Best Director and Best Feature Film of 2018?

It was a fantastic feeling, surreal. Something that can’t be put into words. When I went up to collect my award for the Best Director I couldn’t talk for a few seconds. I just stood there in front of the entire film fraternity, chief guest and all the media while tears came pouring down. It has been a journey, indeed.

I constantly have women coming up to me and telling me that I have broken the glass ceiling and that they would love to have just a part in my next feature to feel uplifted as women. I didn’t realize that I am inspiring so many people through my own journey.

5.) Do you have any plans to take Subira to other African countries?

Subira has been invited to showcase in Tanzania and Uganda. Kaaya films further plans to distribute the film throughout Africa including Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt and South Africa. We also plan to take it to China, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and USA as there has been an interest.

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