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South Sudanese filmmakers eye global scene after local success 

JUBA South Sudan (Xinhua) -- South Sudanese filmmakers are seeking to present their country in the global film industry after making strides in production of locally-made films in recent years.

Akim Palermo, an actor known for his role in a movie depicting the current situation in South Sudan, told journalists that he hopes to produce more films and share South Sudanese stories worldwide.

“I want to go higher, and take my country to the next level. I want to make sure that our film industry is represented in the international level,” Palermo said.

South Sudan’s film industry remains undeveloped following protracted years of civil unrest and lack of investment in the sector.

The east African nation on Dec. 15 concluded its third film festival film where over 60 locally-made movies were screened during the five-day event.

Simon Bingo, director of Juba Films Limited, the organizer of the event, said the annual event seeks to uncover South Sudan’s potential in the creative arts sector and enable South Sudanese filmmakers to showcase their talents in the global arena.

After emerging as top female in the country’s 2018 film awards, actress Aban Ayul said she aims to represent the world’s youngest nation in global film festivals after beating odds at the local level.

Ayul said South Sudan’s film industry is currently restrained by insecurity, limited resources and equipment to produce world-class movies, but she remained optimistic that the sector will pick up with more investment.

“We have to improve ourselves on daily basis and work hard and get better so that we can go out there and represent our country,” Ayul told journalists in Juba.

Veteran South Sudanese film producer Sam Lokudu said the country’s filmmakers have high potential to excel in the global film market, if they can investment more time and resources towards production of quality products.

“I strongly feel that South Sudanese films makers and artists settle for less. We have this tendency of mediocre,” Lokudu said.

“Don’t settle for less, we need not to accept mediocre.”



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