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Congolese militiamen kill two Ugandan fishermen, six missing  

LAKE ALBERT Uganda (Xinhua) -- At least two Ugandan fishermen were killed, one injured and six others remain missing after a group of armed Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) militiamen carried out attacks at a common border lake shared by the two neighboring countries on Saturday, a top police official said Sunday.

Deo Obura, the Albertine region police commander, told Xinhua by telephone that armed Congolese Lendu militiamen carried out the attack at the disputed waters on Lake Albert, located at the Uganda and DRC common border.

He said the deceased, injured and missing fishermen were from Kaiso landing site in the mid-western district of Hoima, which hosts thousands of Congolese refugees.

“It is true they (Congolese Lendu militia) attacked yesterday. Two people were shot dead and their bodies recovered. The injured is admitted at Hoima hospital,” said Obura.

“Some more 5-6 persons are unaccounted for. We don’t know whether they were killed or abducted,” he said.

“We hear they (militia) protect their Congo waters from illegal fishing. They have been accusing our people of entering their waters without their permission.”

Local media on Sunday put the death toll at seven fishermen.

The Saturday attack comes barely five days after the same militia attacked and cut into pieces five Ugandan fishermen on the same lake, before dumping their bodies in the waters, according to local media.

Obura said following the two deadly incidents, Ugandan fishermen have been planning to carry retaliatory attacks.

“I have just been meeting the community now. They were also trying to organize to attack the Congolese. But we have talked and calmed them down. We hope they will listen,” said Obura.

Authorities in Kampala and their Kinshasa counterparts have in the past agreed to conduct joint operations by fisheries and security officials to prevent clashes and disagreements over fishing in the disputed area, which both countries claim ownership.

“There have been a lot of interventions at the high level. The government has been conducting a lot of meetings with the neighboring country to stop such kind of hostilities,” said Obura.

“If our people are wrong better they be arrested and produced in courts of law than shooting and killing them like that. We have encouraged our people to try to as much as possible to avoid crossing to their hostile territory,” he said.

“We pray they listen to us as government also speeds up the (peace) dialogues with Congo.”  Enditem



Floods kill five in central Uganda: police

KAMPALA Uganda (Xinhua) -- At least five people have been confirmed dead in Uganda’s capital Kampala and the central district of Wakiso following a heavy downpour that triggered flooding on Sunday morning, a police spokesperson said.

Deputy police spokesperson Patrick Onyango told Xinhua that a commercial motorcycle rider and a pedestrian were washed away in Bweyogerere and another killed along Gayaza road in Wakiso by strong floods.

One person was killed in Kalerwe and another electrocuted in Kyebando due to poor connections in Kampala, following the rains that lasted four hours.

“We have recorded some deaths and destruction of property in Kampala and Wakiso. Several roads were cut off and impassable,” said Onyango.

In September, Uganda National Meteorological Authority issued an alert that heavy rains, coupled with flooding, thunderstorms and lightening, could lead to loss of lives and destruction of property.

The authority said that the mountainous eastern and western parts of the country may experience landslides as the rain season peaks.

At least 46 people were killed last month by landslides in the mountainous eastern district of Bududa following torrential rains.

Mountainous eastern Uganda occasionally experiences landslides during the rainy season, and the worst was recorded in 2010 when landslides killed at least 300 people and left thousands homeless. 


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