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‘Asante Sana’ as Coastweek celebrates its Fortieth Anniversary

Coastweek-- A rare achievement: Coastweek this week celebrates its fortieth anniversary issue.

Our first twenty page, multi-lingual, issue appeared on Friday, November 10, 1978.

Its publication was made possible by the collective efforts of numerous supporters and well-wishers, including:

former publisher the late Kanwarlal Sabharwal, who flew the newspaper down to Mombasa in his private six-seater Cessna aircraft,

Abdul Samji, who so successfully arranged the first few months of critical financing,

Hilary Ngweno, who generously printed us at his Stellagraphics Press in Nairobi,

Mrs. Nasim Hatim, who boldly sold our first advertisement,

KANU secretary general Hon. Robert Matano, who officially opened our office in Ambalal House,

Messrs. Chotu Kanji and Kanti Chohan, who ‘sorted’ the innumerable legal requirements,

Provincial Commissioner Eliud Mahihu who gave us our first ‘exclusive’ story - a very personal interview outlining the demise of the late President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta,

Mrs. Neta Peal who wrote many of the articles and illustrated them with her evocative photographs,

Mrs. Anjum Asodia, who typed and composited all the text in three languages and who often continues to contribute to our cinema reviews,

(a very youthful) Patrick Obath, who wrote our first theatre column and has been a stalwart contributor on automobiles ever since,

Akram Sheikh who thoughtfully provided so many stimulating and distracting illustrations,

our German editor Mrs. Nelly Riegger and our former Swahili editor the late Swaleh Ahmed Al-Ismailly,

our columnists Gray Phombeah on entertainment, Errol Trzebinski on food, Abdulrahman Manswab on soccer, John Gardiner on motoring, cartoonist Jette Botschinksy, Ivor Davis in Nairobi, Tony Barros in Dar es Salaam, John Walters on Shipping, Anver Versi on cricket and Wainoga Kimani on squash.

Also Faraj Dumila, Lady Elizabeth Erskine, the late Henry Gathigira, the late Edward Rodwell, the late Hon. Sharriff Nassir, the late Esmond Bradley Martin, Said Karama, the late James de vere Allen, Dr. Rene Haller, Ahmed Sheikh Nabani,

and ... our always warm and wonderful readers !

THANK YOU each and all,

Shiraz D. Alibhai and Adrian Grimwood.

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