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What an amazing year for The Kenya Kesho School for Girls Kwale

The Kenya Kesho School for Girls Kwale | Coastweek
2018.  What an amazing year for The Kenya Kesho School for Girls.  I would like to thank my Trustees and sponsors for making our school project the phenomenal thing it is.  We finally got all the licences in August and the builder moved on site immediately.  Poor Peter, extraordinary accountant that he is, wrote:  'Gilgil is on hold.  There is too much going on with the new school and we have to be ever present to ensure all goes well.  I am the project manager and know nothing about building.  I am the purchasing manager and know nothing about materials.  It is a monumental task and the whole project will end up costing KShs 60 million, which in real money terms is GB£452,000 or euro520,000.  What an amazing achievement.  Thank you all'.

I woke this morning with a donation of GB£3760 to cover all the plumbing.  We are blessed!

Marketing and awareness on social media still causes me sleepless nights, but we are getting there.  It is great to say that ‘we are getting there’ but we also need the ‘we are getting there’ to convert into donations.  Any of you with wonderful ideas of how we can ‘get there’?  We have the Twiga Trek and Chef Mohsine’s yearly dinner.  We need one other hugely successful event.  Any suggestions?  Do any of you have any canny ideas on how to raise funds?  No suggestions of robbing cash machines with D8’s please.  Your ideas will be much appreciated.

That’s it until the next happy day!
We have started building The Kenya Kesho School for Girls.

The Kenya Kesho School for Girls Kwale | Coastweek

Walling as on 6th November, 2018

The Kenya Kesho School for Girls Kwale | Coastweek

Classrooms Walling
The building of The Kenya Kesho School for Girls finally started in August, 2018.  It took over 18 months to get all the licences without bribing anyone.  Sometimes wondered if we were doing the right thing?  Surely cheaper and quicker to bribe?  Cut my heart out of my chest!  Indeed it would have been cheaper and quicker to bribe, but we need to set an example.  I caught a policeman taking a bribe on the car-cam the other day.  He was a little distressed!!  I almost had him donating his entire salary to The Kenya Kesho School for Girls!!  If we are to progress at all, in any field, then we must start out at the grass-roots to stamp on greed and avarice - this desire for ginormous wealth.  Unfortunately the levels of corruption are well set now and it will be a long road before the youngsters of Kenya get their fair education, health and opportunities.  It will be a long road before poor, rural women get the recognition they deserve and the education they need to take them out of the pit of poverty. 
Dinner at The Capital Club, Nairobi
The Kenya Kesho School for Girls Kwale | Coastweek
The Capital Club, Nairobi, will host 140 guests at a dinner held specially for The Kenya Kesho School for Girls.  Chef Mohsine Korich (who has held two Michelin Stars) and a huge friend to Kenya Kesho School for Girls will be cooking for us and Vergelegen Wines will be supplying all the wines.  Thank you.

We have a few Auction Items and hope that we can get a few more

Claudia and Andy Stuart have donated two nights for two at their very exclusive camp, Mara Bushtops, at the Masai Mara.  We have been there a few times and it is spectacular.  High bids please. 

Rob Collinge has donated a one hour flight over and around Nairobi on his microlight.  You cannot be over 70kgs for this.

If you would like to put in an early bid please send to info@kenyakeshoschoolforgirls.org 

Does anyone have any ideas or are willing to donate any wonderful items for auction on the evening of 24th November 2018?  If you would like to make up a table please contact me at info@kenyakeshoschoolforgirls.org
Thank you so much to the Capital Club, Nairobi.
Donations Bricks
We need sponsors for the building.  The total area is 2000sq m.  Our original estimates were way out of kilter.  We didn’t understand the difference between building in an urban area and building in a very rural area.  Transport is a massive cost and with the price of fuel having recently shot up with the introduction of VAT we are seriously underfunded.  Will you sponsor bricks at
KShs100/- per brick
GBP 75 pence per brick
US$ one dollar per brick
Euro cents 85 per brick
You can donate through our web site: www.kenyakeshoschoolforgirls.org
Dutch Teachers' Visit
The Kenya Kesho School for Girls Kwale | Coastweek
We had teachers from Holland Marije and Eline.  They were here for four days teaching and giving our teachers superb examples of modern teaching methods.  The two also came with many toys and teaching aids.  How wonderful to see how the other half lives!  We are able to copy many of the items.  It was very interesting to see how kids that had NEVER, EVER seen some of the aids clicked the concept immediately and were totally consumed with the challenges.  Team work at its very best.  Thank you girls.
Twiga Trek 2018
The second Twiga Trek was bigger and better than the first Twiga Trek.  We look forward to next year’s event.  We had more children, more parents (isn’t it amazing how easy it is to make parents behave like kids by allowing them to ride bicycles and do the gauntlet challenge!)  We hope that next year we will not only have schools participating but would like local companies to enter teams of children of their most competent, most willing or most enthusiastic employees.  Perhaps the grandchildren of their longest serving employees.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the rich and the poor could all meet on a bicycle and do the Twiga Trek?
The Kenya Kesho School for Girls Kwale | Coastweek

The Kenya Kesho School for Girls Kwale | Coastweek

Base Titanium, the biggest industry in our local Kwale County, were amazing and supplied us with some excellent challenges for the Twiga Trek gauntlet.  They have said they will do the same next year, or better!!  Base Titanium are huge philanthropists within the County.  Thank you Tommo, Georgina, Japie and your teams.

Southern Cross Safaris.  Mike Kirkland, long time safari operator and truly generous man supported us as usual at the Twiga Trek.  Everything we raise at the Twiga Trek goes towards the salaries of our teachers at The Kenya Kesho School for Girls.  If you want good results you have to have good teachers and you have to pay fair salaries.  Fact. 

Would anyone think about sponsoring a teacher?

The very lovely Gachao donated a substantial amount for the art room and the library.  Thank you.  Gachao makes me laugh and doesn’t know about jiggers.

Our anonymous Nairobi donor is still supporting us hugely.  Previously they were major sponsors for some of our University Students.  Now that we are moving away from sponsoring students to University and focusing more on early learning and primary education for girls we are having to employ superb, well trained, teachers.  This donor has agreed to sponsor three teachers per annum.  THANK YOU SO MUCH.  Invaluable to us.

Madrinha Trust.  The Madrinha Trust and Jania continue to support us with two fabulous sponsorships and their mentor system.  Collins is doing a medical degree at Maseno University and has the most genuine, lovely mentor in Roger.  The idea of having a mentor is innovative and totally revealing to us.  Roger talks to Collins most days of the week and offers such good advice, motivation and guidance.  Ndoto, another of the students sponsored by The Madrinha Trust is in his first year at Egerton University studying medicine and is doing exceptionally well.  What is so wonderful having a Madrinha Trust Mentor is that the mentees are able to access educational research papers and documents.  Ordinarily they would never get this opportunity.  Thank you so much.

We have a young family who came to the Twiga Trek.  They made a huge donation to The Kenya Kesho School for Girls, which was supposed to be kept secret!!  The best will in the world couldn’t have kept it secret.  The kiddies were horrified that their team were not top fund-raisers and so the secret was out!  THANK YOU so much to the family. 

We have always said that we wanted to finance the school from within Kenya.  Unfortunately we have had to go out but we LOVE all our very generous, very giving, kind, unprejudiced Kenyan donors.

At the end of the day The Kenya Kesho Trust needs be self-financing and self-reliant. 
Veggie Tunnels

The Kenya Kesho School for Girls Kwale | Coastweek

On-going.  I have given the project to our Trustee Daniel. 

With a good, nourishing diet our girls will already have an advantage in learning.  We will have to go on a learning arc ourselves to get the very best from this project.  Thank you to our sponsor from Croatia for one tunnel.  We acquired a second tunnel this week. 

We now desperately need a professional to show us how to grow vegetables in very sub-standard soil.  I do think that Peter may flip his sanity if he was asked to be the gardener as well!!
jiggers And Health
Intestinal worms, jiggers, malaria, malnourishment, hunger, bad eye sight and lots of other serious health issues are constantly attended to at school.  Our teachers have been trained to see and identify any problems early.  We have wonderful teams around us supporting de-worming programmes and anti jigger campaigns.   
Children are particularly susceptible to health issues and complications and their parents are really not at all aware of the effects that may arise from not treating health problems; making the children generally unwell, affecting their physical and mental development and affecting their attendance and performance at school.
A team from the Public Health Department, a team from Clean Hands Clean Feet and teachers from The Kenya Kesho School for Girls arranged a public health jigger eradication programme.  Many mothers and their children, who are heavily infected with jiggers, arrived at Mshiu Primary School to have their hands and feet dipped in basins and disinfected with Savlon disinfectant, washed with strong soap and then dipped in a potassium permanganate liquid for twenty minutes.  After this time, lots of little feet were dried and Vaseline applied to suffocate the jiggers.  I think most of the mothers, who did not have any jiggers at all only came for the free give-aways of soap and Vaseline.  It was really cute to see little girls giving their skin a lovely shine with the Vaseline.  We have to repeat this process every week for the next four weeks.  This term I too have picked up four jiggers.  OMG!  Itchy, you have no idea.  I now know why the kids don’t want to come to school.  Those damned things hurt to walk on.  If you come to see us make sure you wear closed shoes.
The Kenya Kesho School for Girls Kwale | Coastweek
The Kenya Kesho School for Girls Kwale | Coastweek
Porridge Programme
The County Government did not supply any uji porridge to the Early Learning Programme this term and we had six year olds collapsing in class from hunger.  One little chap hadn’t eaten for two whole days.  We were able to find a sponsor for the porridge programme for the last four weeks of term.  We will need sponsors for next year. 
The cost is
KShs2675/- to feed 120 kids every day for one week. 
GB£ 18 per week or GB fifteen pence per child per week
Euro 21 per week or euro cents 17.5 per child per week
US$ 26 per week
That is four shillings per child per day or 20/- per child per week.  Can you afford that?  Please let me know if you would like to sponsor the breakfast feeding programme for one or more girls and for how long.  Thank you.  info@kenyakeshoschoolforgirls.org

The Kenya Kesho School for Girls Kwale | Coastweek
Over the years we have fully sponsored 50 children through secondary education, three through University, and three are currently at university.  Our very first girl, Ms Sada Abdallah, graduated from Maseno University in August 2017 with a BSc in Aquatic Resource Conservation and Development with IT.

Our other graduate, Idrisa Ali Makame of Mkwiro Village, Wasini Island, who was studying at Eldoret University, graduated as Top Overall Student in the year 2017.  He achieved a First Class Honours Degree in Fisheries and Aquatic Science.  Idrisa graduated on 24 November, 2017,

Our third recent graduate is Isaac Genya.  Isaac graduated with 2nd Class Honours Upper in Land Resource Planning & Management at Jomo Kenyatta University.  Isaac comes from a very humble background and was the first child from Mshiu location to go to Secondary School.  He has worked really hard to become the pillar of the family and an inspiration to others in the village.  During his holidays he has mentored a number of siblings and children in the village and just wants everyone to excel.

The Current University Students are:

Collins Onyango.  4th year.  Maseno University.  Studying Bachelor of Medicine
Wendo Ali Rama.  4th year.  University of Nairobi.  Studying Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Masud Ndoto Mshihiri.  1st year.  Egerton University.  Studying Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery
The Kenya Kesho School for Girls Kwale | Coastweek
Mr. Peter Ruysenaars and Idrisa Ali Makame at the graduation Ceremony
Interlocking Bricks
We bought a second-hand Hydraform brick making machine (it is a wonderful machine!) before the school building project began.  The men were making 1,100 blocks per day.  They made 40,000 bricks.  The bricks look so uniform and clean and the walls that are already up look splendid.  We are saving ourselves only a very little money but it feels so good to be doing it ourselves and also employing women on the project.  The cost per sq m for the bricks is 1050/-, which is nearly 10 euro.  If you would like to sponsor 1 sq m of bricks it will cost you euro 10.  Have a spaghetti party, sing until someone pays to shut you up, go for a walk, dance your heart out for 10 minutes, get people to sponsor you, grin a lot in public and have a begging bowl infront of you with our logo on it!  Any which way!  Lets see how many square metres we can raise funds for.  Your generosity will be so happily received and imagine dancing for 10 minutes.  How good will you feel?
The Kenya Kesho School for Girls Kwale | Coastweek
We are short of:
US$ 420,000 or
GBP 321,900 or
Euro 370,000

There are lots of ways you can help!

Happy to help? Click here
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