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Kenyan leader calls for unity in fight against terrorism

ELDORET (Xinhua) -- Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday called for unity in the war against terrorism and urged the country’s soldiers to deal with emerging security challenges in the country.

Kenyatta urged every Kenyan to work together with the country’s security formations to defeat terrorism, radicalization and violent extremism.

“We have already anticipated the forces of terrorism, radicalization and violent extremism and indeed we have met them in the field, it remains only to defeat them and secure Kenya and our boarders,” he said when he presided over the passing out parade of KDF recruits in Eldoret in northwest Kenya.

Kenyatta cited terrorism, radicalisation and violent extremism as some of the security threats that Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) has to protect Kenya against.

“That is why our Kenya Defence Forces will continue its operations in AMISOM,” he said and lauded efforts by the military to modernize its operations including training to effectively deal with emerging security challenges.



Three police reservists killed in attack in northern Kenya

ISIOLO (Xinhua) -- Three Kenyan police reservists were killed in a bandit attack in northern Kenya on Wednesday night, the police said.

Rashid Hulbale, Igembe Central divisional police commander, said on Thursday that two other people were left with serious injuries during the incident, which occurred along the border of Igembe Central and Isiolo North regions, and taken to the local hospital.

Hulbale said the armed bandits stole three guns but one has been recovered, noting that more security forces have been deployed to flush out the bandits in the area.

Residents said the incident happened when the reservists tried to block the bandits from stealing animals from villages in the area.

The residents said the bandits escaped without stealing the targeted animals. This is the latest such incident to happen in the region in a series that have seen almost a dozen of people killed and tens of animals stolen.

The local police chief said bandits from Turkan reportedly invaded and suddenly attacked and a shootout broke.

Cattle rustling incidences are common in the region and it turns bloody whenever security agencies intervene to stop it. Police have in the past reacted with force that also left many bandits killed and other villagers injured.

The east African nation is surrounded by neighboring countries that for a long time experienced civil strife which immensely contributed to the influx of the illegal weapons into the hands of gangsters and cattle rustlers.


One injured as gunmen attacks red cross vehicle in northeast Kenya

GARISSA (Xinhua) -- At least one person was injured while three others escaped unhurt on Saturday after unknown gunmen opened fire on a Kenya Red Cross vehicle in Garissa county, northeast Kenya, the charity said.

According to the charity, the four were traveling from Masalani to Ijara to conduct assessments for one of the four projects they are implementing, when the attackers emerged from a nearby bush and shot at the car.

"The injured volunteer was evacuated to Masalani Sub-County hospital for stabilization and has already been evacuated to Malindi by one of our ambulances for further treatment," Kenya Red Cross Secretary General Abbas Gullet said in a statement.

Ruqa and Ijara areas are near the vast Boni forest in which al-Shabab terrorists have been using as their hideout as they launch attacks against Kenyans.

The volunteer who was injured was among other Kenya Red Cross officials who were on board when they were attacked.

No group has claimed responsibility for the suspected al-Shabab attack but residents said the vehicle was ferrying staff and volunteers when it was ambushed by the unknown assailants.

They said the assailants who emerged from nearby bushes shot arbitrarily at the vehicle from the front and sides. The injured female volunteer had three bullets lodged in her body.

Gullet termed the attack as unfortunate, saying it was targeting people who selflessly serve the respective communities in the area which is close to the Somali border.

"The rest of the team were not injured and are currently undergoing counseling and psychological support due to the traumatic incident," he said.

The charity said police are investigating the incident, adding a meeting has been scheduled with the area leadership and community leaders to address the security challenges.

The latest incident came barely a week after three people, including two children, were killed in a retaliatory attack between two communities at Maraha area in the Isiolo-Garissa counties.


Video: Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta says: ‘No country is immune to terror and war’


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