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Namibia: Chinese martial arts show
inspires locals into wellness journey

WINDHOEK (Xinhua) -- A traditional Chinese cultural show, in particular in martial arts, staged by students from Hunan University of Chinese Medicine over the weekend in Namibia’s capital Windhoek has sparked interest amongst locals towards a fitness and wellness journey.

The performance group entertained the audience with elements of Chinese traditional culture, Chinese folk dance, folk music, physical and breathing exercises, martial arts, tai chi and folk songs, held in celebration of five years anniversary of the Confucius Institute at the University of Namibia.

The institute was inaugurated in August 2013 in Windhoek.

During an interlude at the show, Professor Long Zhuan from the Hunan University of Chinese Medicine asked the crowd to dance along with him, which ignited interest amongst some members of the audience.

“Having experienced first-hand the different physical exercise techniques during professor Long’s demonstrative session, I felt relaxed and left me wanting for more,” said Rauna Ndemutya, who attended the show.

As this week commenced, said Ndemutya in a follow-up interview on Monday, the traditional Chinese breathing and physical exercises are gradually becoming part of her routine since the show.

“Today, as I did after the show and on Sunday, I tried the physical exercises taught during the interlude. The exercises have a soothing effect, especially after a stressful day. It also accorded me the chance to immerse in Chinese culture,” she said Monday.

Rox Nampila said that although it was his first time attending a Chinese cultural performance in Namibia, he did so at the right time.

“Apart from not knowing what to expect, I got exposed to more than just entertainment. It made me realise how much I needed to work on my health and wellness,” he said.

Furthermore, the 28 years old Nampila said that he was also exposed to Chinese culture, networked with the Chinese people- an opportunity that rarely comes by, as he jokingly greets in Mandarin, saying “Ni Hao” which he claims he learned at the show.

“I have wanted to embark on a wellness journey. I was conflicted between yoga and jogging. However, now I have just been exposed to another form of physical exercises, which is less intensive yet revitalizing as was demonstrated by Professor Long. I don’t need much space for it either,” he added.

Not only is that, but for Nampila, the solo performance by artist Li Yuan, a member of the Chinese martial arts performance group from the Hunan University of Chinese Medicine also left him mesmerized.

“The show has certainly made me curious about the Chinese culture. I am now considering enrolling for Chinese classes. That way I will learn more about Chinese culture, and even master my exercises routines,” he added.

Meanwhile, while the locals master the essential elements of Chinese culture physical exercises to boost their health, they have turned to YouTube videos for guidance on Chinese physical exercises.

“Who knows, I could master this one day and teach my friends or be on stage,” Ndemutya said.

In the interim, Professor Long said that the traditional Chinese physical exercises and healthcare practices aid in healing, physical fitness and improved mental health. 

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