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Coastweek -- Aameen Dhanji [2nd left], overall winner during Mombasa County Governors Cup 2018, receives a prize from, [from left], NGCC Captain Bajaber Taib, Mombasa Governor H.E Hassan Ali Joho and NGCC Lady Captain Pauline Gachihi..
Battle for the Mombasa County Governors Cup

Coastweek -- Alyssa Jamal must have felt an acute sense of déjà vu when she became a victim yet again of reverse ageism at the inaugural Mombasa County Governor’s Golf Trophy played at Nyali Golf and Country Club on Saturday 3rd November, 2018, reports THE DRIVER.

The normal age bias is in favour of the young who sideline the elderly in most sphere of life.

In golf however, it works the other way, youth having to defer to age.

The juniors have to bow to their more mature rivals who prevail over the juniors in order of priority when it comes to qualifying for prizes.

Regardless of the scoring table, the prize table is not wide open to the juniors who are confined to their own category.

This apparent ageism is not as discriminatory as it might appear, the reasons  for it  being  grounded   on sound  economic  considerations,  the juniors not paying the full membership  dues  have to accept  their second class  status.

For the sake of good order, it might be advisable to give this exclusionary practice a firm foundation by putting it down as a clear, specific condition in the normal conditions of play to avoid the possibility of a challenge from a determined junior wanting to have and eat his/her cake !

Alyssa is however content to take her place in the prize line, knowing that her good performance is recognized all around as was seen by the effusive commendation she received from the Captain in his welcoming speech and from Aameen Dhanji, the winner of the Trophy, in his winner’s speech.

Coastweek -- Ijaz Sheikh [right], men winner with 38 points during Mombasa County Governors Cup, receives a prize from H.E Governor Hassan Ali Joho.

It was not exactly a promising start for Alyssa, having double bogeyed the very first hole for just one point.

She also lost another point to a double bogey on the 6th but made up the loss and gained an extra point with 3 points through a bogey on the 4th, only hole she double strokes off her current handicap of 19 and with pars on the 8th and the 9th, finishing  with 19 points.

On the back nine it was a flying start with a 2 club birdie worth 4 points and 3 points a piece with pars on the 15th, 17th and the 18th, the only point lost in the back nine was  to  a double bogey on the 16th.

Her toll of 22 points in the back nine would have given her a formidable count back, should it have become necessary.

Between Alyssa’s 41 points and the Overall Winner on 38, stood another great performance, a score of 40 carded by J Komo who too being a visitor found himself  excluded from the prize line, his good score being its own reward.

While Aameen took the Overall prize, he was not the only player who came up with the winning number.

He was one among a trio of equals, Ijaz Sheikh and Joyce Masai being the two other with similar scores of 38.

On count back, however, Aameen turned out to be more equal than the other two.

Ijaz made his 38 with a great display of consistency with two equal two nines of 19 points but which in fact worked against him in the count back  over Joyce’s 18 and 20 and even less balanced breakdown of 17 and 21 with which Aameen made his 38. 

Aameen can thank his bogey on the 1st and his blanked 2nd costing him three points initially, of which he recovered two with pars on the 7th and the 9th yielding 3 points each resulting in his less than regulation score of 17 points which placed him at an advantage in the count back, over the steady scorer Ijaz and less erratic Joyce.

It was on the back nine that Aameen raced ahead with four over par 39 shots, comprising six pars, on the 10th, 12th, 13th, 16th, 17th and the 18th, all but the par on the 18th yielding 3 points each.

He lost a couple of points, to a double bogey on the 11th and a bogey on the 15th but  ended with 21 points, claiming the Overall Prize of the day.

Such is the fortuitousness of a chance that determines the winner. 

Ijaz was not only consistently balanced between the two nines but also made each nine steadily, in the 1st nine without losing a single point over regulation on any hole and picking up the extra point off a par on the 6th.

Coastweek -- Alyssa Jamal, best junior with 41 points during Mombasa County Governors Cup 2018, receives a prize from Taufiq Balala.

In the back nine he did drop a point through a double bogey on the last hole but having picked up two extra shots through pars on both par fives, the 11th and the 17th covered the loss and was left with a surplus point.

He was rewarded with the top prize in the men’s category while Joyce came up top of the women’s category.

Joyce did not have a great start, losing a point to a bogey on the 1st hole but made up the loss with a par on the 5th worth 3 points, the rest worth 2 points each.  

She repeated the same error at the start of the 10th with a bogey to lose a point but lost no time in making it up and gaining an extra point through a birdie on the very next hole, the 11th for 4 points.

The 12th also yielded surplus, her par being good for 3 points and with regulation 2 points rest of the way, finished with 20 points. 

Joyce was followed by two ladies, Mary Kandu and Purity Mutinda tying on 37 for the Runner up prize.

Purity must have fancied her chances  for  even a bigger  prize than just  the runner up place through a count back  when she picked up 4 points each off  pars on  two holes, the 12th and the 13th and earlier,  one over on the double  stroking 11th being good for 3 points. 

 However, having already lost a point to her initial error on the 10th through a double bogey, she dropped a couple more points to the blanked 17th, finishing with 21 points.

A very determined effort by Mary amassing 22 points put paid to Purity’s chances.

Mary too picked up 4 points with a par on the 14th and  added two more surplus points with 3 each off pars on the 11th and 15th without dropping any point below regulation 2 points.

On the men’s side also there was a tie for the Runner up position, also on the score of 37 points carded by Dinesh Sasan and Daniel Ondenga.

Daniel failed to match Purity’s count back of 21 points by on, making 20 points after a disastrous start with a blank on the 10th but picking up four surplus points with 3 each on the 11th, 13th, 14th and the 16th.

Dinesh however matched the Lady runner up Mary’s score of 22.

Coastweek -- Ngugi Njuguna [right], pro winner during Mombasa County Governors Cup 2018 at NGCC, receives a prize from Mombasa Governor H.E Governor Hassan Joho.

Playing off 11, with only five strokes in hand on the back nine, it needed something special for Dinesh to pick up 22 points which he did with a knock of one over par 36,  packing two birdies, on the 11th worth 4 points and a 2 club on the 15th worth 3 points.

The rest were par holes, except the 12th where he faltered a bit with a double bogey costing him a point but his pars on the 13th and 14th being worth 3 points each, the end result was 22 points. 

On the opposite side of the age arc to Alyssa were two seniors, Jayman Patel and Perviz Barnsley with 34 points.

The Daktari did not allow his sense of chivalry to deny himself the pleasure of winning the Best Senior prize, reportedly first time ever, by beating the lady with his count back of 19 against 17, a couple of bogeys, on the par three 10th and 15th and worse two triple bogeys, on the 16th and 17th costing Perviz a number of shots.

Jayman too had his share of troubles, the blanked 16th and a couple of double bogeys on the 10th and the 14th but he finished with a bang, a 2 club birdie earning 4 points, having already picked up 3 each on the 12th, 13th and 17th.

Each nine were won on a good score of 21, Charles Odoo taking the 1st while for the 2nd nine there was a tussle between Hildah Mugure and Purity Mutinda,

This was obviously not Purity’s day, despite her haul of 4 points on two holes, the 12th and the 13th as the 12th hole was  out of reckoning in the  count back over the last six holes.

Her score of 4 on the 13th was matched by Hildah’s own share of 4 on the 14th and while Purity blanked the 17th, Hildah did not lose a single point and on the contrary, added two more surplus points on the par three 15th and 18th parring both. 

Apart from the prizes for the winners, all participants and their caddies received T-shirts, there was half time refreshment, tea and dinner that followed the prize giving which concluded the inaugural Mombasa County Governor’s Golf Trophy presented to the first winner Aameen Dhanji by the Governor who promised to make it an annual event in Nyali’s calendar, a promise warmly received by the members.

The Governor also received a round of applause for his plans to set up coaching and training for the less privileged children to give them an opportunity to take up the game of golf.

Asante Sana, Governor.


Overall Winner: Aameen Dhanji   c/b 38 points

Men Winner: Ijaz Sheikh 38 “

Runner up: Dinesh Sasan c/b 37 “

Third: Daniel Ondenga 37 “

Ladies Winner: Joyce Masai 38 “ 

Runner up: Mary Kandu c/b 37 “

Best Senior: Jayman Patel c/b 34 “

Best Junior: Alyssa Jamal 41 “

Staff Winner: Taufiq Balala 33 “ 

Staff Runner up: Said Guleid 30 “

Best 1st Nine: Charles Odoo 21 “

Best 2nd Nine: Hildah Mugure C/b 21 “

Longest Drive (Man): William Kaguta

Longest Drive (Lady): Susan Stokes

Nearest to Pin: Japheth Obonyo.



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