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Kenya to promote use of blockchain tech-
nology to improve service delivery 

NAIROBI (Xinhua) -- Kenya plans to promote use of blockchain technology in order to improve public service delivery, officials said on Tuesday.

Bitange Ndemo, chairman of the State-run Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Task Force, told a media briefing in Nairobi that the Kenya economy remains uncompetitive due to inefficiencies in most government processes.

“Government is keen to promote blockchain because it is an emerging technology that can be used to enhance public service delivery by improving productivity,” Ndemo said when Chainworks Inc. and Compulynx announced a strategic partnership between the two tech companies to bring innovative solutions and applications through Blockchain technology.

The collaboration is a joint venture named Chainworks Africa which will promote Blockchain technology and solutions in the African region.

Early this year, Kenya launched the Block Chain and Artificial Intelligence Task Force to develop a road map to enable the East African nation to tap into the emerging technology.

The taskforce will soon provide its recommendations on how the country can deploy use of blockchain and artificial intelligence to help achieve President Uhuru Kenyatta’s big four agenda on universal health, affordable housing, food security and manufacturing.

Ndemo said that despite the widespread use of internet, Kenya is yet to fully reap from the benefits of a digital economy due to lack of trust of digital transactions.

“However, blockchain through use of distributed ledgers ensures trust by deploying distributed ledgers,” he added.

Ndemo said that blockchain can be used to trace and monitor food from the farm to the consumers and thereby enhance food security.

He noted that artificial intelligence can be use to predict rainfall patterns with exact precision and help farmers decide what crops to grow, noting that Kenya can also reduce corruption if it adopted a cashless economy.

“We already have a vibrant mobile payment platform and what we need is to put in place incentives to ensure that all financial transactions can be through digital platforms,” he added.

In the land sector, blockchain can also help to reduce fraud as well as speed up the rate of transactions.

He noted that currently charging land for a loan takes about one year due to lengthy verification processes involved but through use of blockchain, the process could be reduced to a week. 



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