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Mozambique faces difficulties in re-
covering assets in anti-corruption fight

MAPUTO Mozambique (Xinhua) -- Mozambican Attorney General Beatriz Buchili said here on Wednesday that in the fight against corruption, it is more important to recover stolen assets than simply sending criminals into prison.

Buchili was speaking at the opening of the two-day meeting organized by the Central Office for Combating Corruption, to discuss the work of the office of public prosecutions in the fight against corruption and other crimes.

However, the attorney admitted that assets are being recovered, but not at a desired pace.

“The lack of adequate databases and computerized information makes it difficult to identify assets and who holds them, and this has a negative impact on the speed of investigations,” said Buchili.

Buchili said it is urgent to establish a dedicated asset recovery unit that would allow the state to recover what was stolen.

The attorney also criticized commercial banks for not providing information of suspicious financial transactions to the authorities.


Food insecurity ratio among Mozambique’s population narrows to 24 pct: ministry

MAPUTO Mozambique (Xinhua) -- Mozambique’s Ministry of Agriculture announced on Monday in Maputo that the country has reduced the number of people vulnerable to food insecurity from 50 percent to 24 percent in the last ten years despite the challenges that the country continues facing in this sector.

“Mozambique has taken significant steps in reducing the prevalence of population vulnerable to food insecurity, from 50 percent to 24 percent in the last 10 years, however we are aware that more needs to be done,” said the Minister of Agriculture Higino de Marrule in a roundtable meeting.

“Despite this progress there are still challenges related to access to nutritious food and resilience to climate shocks that have huge impact on food production at both local and international levels,” added the minister.

To continue improving the country’s levels of food security, the minister informed that the government has been promoting policies oriented to rural areas in order to boost the role of women in particular and farmers in general.


NGO launched project worth 22-mln USD
to benefit over 600,000 girls in Mozambique

MAPUTO Mozambique (Xinhua) -- The non-governmental organization Plan International announced on Thursday to invest about 22 million U.S. dollars in a project aimed at ending violence and discrimination against girls and women in Mozambique.

The announcement was made by Anne Holf, Plan International’s Country Director in Mozambique, during the celebration of the International Day of the Girl Child.

The five-year project, aimed at empowering the target group nationwide, will look into strengthening ongoing activities and benefit some 600,000 girls and women.

“All girls should live in a world where their voices are heard when making decisions on matters that affect their lives,” said the director, admitting that the participation of girls and women in decision making has been growing not only in Mozambique but also in other countries around the world.

“From government officials, businessmen, school authorities, communities, parents all of them have an important role to play, by closing gaps between what girls are able to do and what they are allowed to be,” added Anne Holf.


Teachers in Mozambique launch week-long campaign for better work condition

MAPUTO Mozambique (Xinhua) -- The Mozambican National Organization of Teachers launched on Monday in Maputo a week-long campaign calling for better work conditions nationwide.

The campaign, named “my teacher my hero,” will culminate on the country’s National Teachers’ Day on the coming Friday.

“Since 1998 this organization has been struggling to become a union; now that the conditions have been created for that end we intend to proceed, so that we can follow new paths,” said the organization’s spokesperson, Felizardo Cemente.

Statistics show that low student-teacher ratio and shortage of classrooms for a growing number of new pupils are among the main difficulties teachers and the entire education system have been struggling with.

Cemente said teachers want to be better paid and have more opportunities for academic progress.


Mozambique president highlights new airport as strategy for disaster relief

MAPUTO Mozambique (Xinhua) -- President of Mozambique, Filipe Nyusi said on Friday that the new airport in Gaza province will not only boost tourism and economy but also make it possible to provide rapid response to emergencies caused by natural disasters that frequently hit the province.

“We are building this airport not for the sake that Gaza province needs one, neither for economic reasons alone. We do it hoping that it will also serve as a strategic point to help the victims of natural disasters such as floods, inundations and cyclones,” said the president on the foundation stone laying ceremony of the airport in Gaza.

Located in southern Mozambique only 250 kilometres from the capital Maputo, Gaza is currently the only one without an airport of the 11 provinces of the country.

The president expects the new airport to be an alternative to the Maputo international airport in different scenarios.

The airport to be built in an area of 4,000 hectares is funded by China, which will generate 600 direct jobs and more than 800 indirect ones during the two-year-and-half construction phase, according to the Chinese ambassador to Mozambique Su Jian.

As one of the main tourist destinations in Mozambique, Gaza is famous for its landscape, beaches and reserves. Currently, access to the province is only by road.


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