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Coastweek -- Omar Said founder of Cafe Arabika cycling team posing with the Top 5 elite male finishers.
Impressive Turn Out From the Non Private
Schools in Arabika Cycling Championships  

Coastweek -- It was very encouraging to see the number of cyclists from non-private schools take part in the sport of cycling.

For the first time one could see their joy when they won in certain events category.

In most cases only the private schools aka academies are invited to take part in these events thus locking out some true potential down in the hood.

Most amazingly we had several cyclists who are from the heart of old town.

As we know old town has been in the news lately for the wrong reasons.

It is these ambassadors of the old town youth who not only proved their prowess in cycling but also to show the world that some of them are not what people see in the news.

Team Arabika sponsored several athletes from the neighborhood just to keep them out of drugs and substance abuse.

Although their performance was impressive, they still have a long way to go in terms of equipment’s, i.e. bicycles.

Coastweek -- Omar Said founder of cafe arabika cycling team awarding Farheen Uppal, one of the veteran ladies with her participation medallion.

At this juncture we would like to urge all the parents to get proper equipment for their kids as it will really enhance their performance.

The Café Arabika cycling championship organizing committee together with the Buffalo fun and fitness club youth group would like to sincerely thank all our sponsors for having such a caring and giving heart because without their support for this event it would not have been possible.

These are; The bike shop, Mombasa maize millers, Swahili beach, Turtle bay, graphic world, R.K Sanghani, Meat magic, Broski fitness and London look salon.

With your donations, we were able to provide not only a day of fun for the entire cycling fraternity but also played a big role in ensuring our youth are engaged in meaningful and fruitful activities.

To all who volunteered to either officiate or help in one way or the other we say thank you very much.

Coastweek -- Oshwal Academy team and Jaffery Academy team members receiving their trophy

To mention a few, Mr. Ole of Jaffery academy and his super team of time keepers, the announcer Mr. Tom Amumi of Oshwal Academy among others.

A special thank you to Mohamed Ramadhan alias “Moha” of Delray Cargo who together with Kenya Triathlon Secretary General Mr. Abdulrazak Mwangi who was the race co coordinator and Ismail Mohamed patrolled the route with their motor bikes to escort the cyclist from the start of the event to the end.

This event would not have run smoothly as it did without the blessings of the almighty, without you (volunteers) putting in the long hours prefilling water bottles, serving food and snacks and overseeing the general activities for our youth and all the parents who were present and those who were not present, but permitted their children to take part in the event...

Big salute to all the School Principals and Head Masters/Mistresses who accepted our invitation and permitted their respective schools to take part in the event.

“Together we made a difference in our community!” said Mr. Omar Said who is the founder of café Arabika and The Bike Shop.

“At this juncture we would like to send our heartfelt thank you to the most important of all and these are the Kenya police traffic department, the Mombasa county inspectorate department, the Kenya red cross society and last but not least the National Museums of Kenya for permitting us to use the venue (Mama Ngina drive) and also waiving the charges. We say a big Asante Sana” said Mohamed Ahmed “GS” who was the race director.




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